Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience: Window Installation (Part 3 of 4)

Four Pillars of Replacement Windows: InstallationIn this multi-part series on the four pillars that make up a great replacement window experience, we are discussing each of these pillars to your happiness: the Window Frame, Window Glass, Window Installation and Window Design.

In the first post on Window Installation, we discussed why window installation is so critical, while in the second, we discussed the importance of accuracy during the initial  Window Opening Measurement, Manufacturing to close tolerances and how improper Packaging and Shipment of the replacement windows can undo all the precision of the previous steps.

In this third post on replacement window installation, we’ll talk about removal of the old window, new window handling and preparation of the job site.

In the fourth and final article on replacement window installation, we’ll discuss the actual installation of the new replacement window and what your installer needs to do to maximize the window’s performance and durability to keep you comfortable many years into the future.

On the Jobsite

When your windows are delivered, they need to be handled carefully to ensure they aren’t damaged before they are actually put into your home. While your installers are preparing the window openings, they need to take precautions to protect the new windows and ensure they get the right window in the right opening. Before they start, your installers should explain the process to you so that you know what to expect while they are working on your home. you’re your installers are replacing multiple windows they should have a plan for where they will start and finish to minimize disruption to your home. This may be even more important in cold or inclement weather when you don’t want many openings in your home open to the elements. You should take this opportunity to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask. This is your home and you’re going to have to live with these windows for a long time; you should feel comfortable with every aspect of your installation. A good installation professional should be happy to share his knowledge and answer any questions you may have. True window installation experts have installed hundreds of windows and understand your concerns with work being done on your home.

Protect Furnishings and Landscaping

With all your questions answered and a good level of confidence in your installation crew, your crew should begin to begin the site preparation by protecting your property, indoors and out. Inside your home, in each room in which they will be working, they should ensure that your furniture, flooring and any other personal property in the room is out of the way and/or protected. The job will necessarily create some from the removal of the old window and installation of the new one, but they should take steps to minimize and control its spread as much as practical. Outdoors, they should take steps to protect your landscaping by protecting shrubs, plants, trees, flowers, etc. during the work.

Removal of Old Windows

The first step toward installing your new replacement windows is removing the old ones. Remember the old saying that “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet”. Demolition is loud, dirty, nasty work but it has to be done. Of course, your installation crew should take necessary precautions to minimize any of the mess they create. You should also expect them to clean up when they are done. The standard definition for construction and remodeling work is “broom clean”. It should go without saying that your crew should take care to do no more damage to your home than they will repair.

In the best of circumstances and weather conditions, your crew may opt to work on the same processes on multiple windows rather than complete one window at a time. This can be a more efficient method of work as they will be using the same tools and doing the same tasks, removing the debris, etc. on multiple windows at one time. However, in inclement or cold weather, or when there is a chance the weather could turn bad, this should be avoided to minimize the risk of exposing the home to the elements.

Removing Debris

When your old windows are removed, and your new windows installed, your crew should pack up the old windows and other debris and dispose of them for you. Disposing of your old windows should not be your concern and you should never be left with construction debris at your curb for your trash collectors. It’s simply unprofessional.

Protecting your new windows, taking the time to ensure you understand the installation process and protecting your home and furnishings are strong pillars of your replacement window installation.

Up Next ….

In our next post, we will discuss the specifics of your new replacement window installation, including preparation of the window opening, installing the new window and checking its operation.


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