While doing replacement window research, you’re likely to come across information about warranty packages. You may see phrases like “LIFETIME WARRANTY” scrawled across the TV screen or social media ads. Renewal by Andersen of Long Island reps tell our customers to expect their new windows to last “for as long as you live in your home.”

But, what do those expressions really mean? Whose lifetime do dealers base their promises on anyway?

Here’s more information to help you understand how long replacement windows should really last after a perfect installation.

What Does the 20/2/10 Window Warranty Offer?

Renewal by Andersen offers a unique warranty package that covers all parts against defects, and the parts and labor for installation for up to 24 months. Experience and extensive testing has proven our replacement windows will keep performing as designed beyond the warranty coverage.

Glass coverage: The warranty protects homeowners from manufacturing defects, defective materials and poor workmanship. And that glass will not develop any problems that obscure the view, like pitting, excessive discoloration, and bubbling. Any premature sealant failure would also be covered under the 20-year plan.

Frame coverage: Fibrex frames are guaranteed not to blister, flake, fade, warp, shrink, mold, rot, corrode, rust or otherwise succumb to weather elements.

Hardware and optional features: Hardware, grilles, insect screens and other decorative features are warranted to perform as designed with proper care and use. For example, using harsh chemical cleansers on hardware may damage the surface and cause pitting or discoloration — this damage would not be covered under the warranty plan.

How Long is a Lifetime for Replacement Windows?

When the scientists who developed, tested and approved Fibrex as a replacement window frame solution, they were confident this new composite would outperform anything currently on the market. The composite has the strength and stability of wood, and is light-weight and moldable like vinyl. And, Fibrex will never sag like metal frames, absorb moisture like wood frames or develop gaps like vinyl frames.

To prove their theories, our parent company convinced a homeowner to allow them to remove his 20-year-old replacement windows to run them through a series of controlled tests to see how they were living up to the claims.

We should note that the homeowner was happy with his replacement windows, and had not expressed any significant issues that would warrant replacement or modification before our scientists reach out to him for help.

The 20-year Durability Study proved the Fibrex engineers and designers right. After more than two decades, tests performed in the home and in a controlled lab showed:

  • No blistering, flaking, rotting, peeling, mildew, water damage, etc.
  • No shrinkage due to extreme weather fluctuations (The study was completed on a home in Minnesota, where sub-zero weather is common.)
  • No sealant failure
  • Color changes were minimal, not noticeable by the naked eye
  • Insulating performance remained strong
  • Structural integrity was unchanged
  • No separation from the building envelope

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island’s Replacement Window Exceed All Expectations

So, how long should replacement windows really last? We are still watching performance, and waiting for that answer. But, we know that our brand will perform as designed without any maintenance other than an occasional inspection and cleaning to ensure your windows haven’t been damaged by flying debris or other incidents.

Our goal is to always exceed expectations — and, Renewal by Andersen high-performance replacement windows are guaranteed to stay beautiful and work perfectly for decades. The study shows our scientists were right.

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