Installing low-emissivity, generally called low-E, replacement windows in your Long Island home is a cost-effective approach that can improve energy-efficiency and comfort. Enhanced window performance saves money spent on heating and air conditioning costs month after month, every year you live in your home. Many Renewal by Andersen of Long Island customers come in looking for low-E windows, but some don’t really understand what the term means, or why it’s important to ask about how these factory applied coatings impact performance and optical properties.

Here’s a quick rundown that covers what you need to know before buying replacement windows and patio doors with Low-E glass for your home.

What is Low-E Technology?

Modern technology allows us to control certain factors that represent how well window glass manages the U-factor, visible light transmittance and solar heat gain coefficients (SHGCs) that impact our comfort and energy costs. These measurements help researchers and consumers identify high-performance windows and doors that enhance energy-efficiency, making it easier to control indoor comfort levels while spending less on heating and cooling costs.

Both fixed windows and operable styles – double hungs, casements, sliders, etc. – constructed with low-E glass manage heat gain and heat loss better than legacy single pane windows still seen in some older homes.

Low-E coatings applied to window glass consist of multiple layers of nanoscale – extremely thin, in common speak – coatings made of metallic or metal oxide materials designed to reflect or absorb light and heat, while remaining transparent to visible light.

Because there are so many diverse climate patterns in the United States, scientists developed special coatings for different climates. Some Low-E coatings reflect sunlight away from interior spaces while others absorb natural heat. This way, depending upon where you live, or a particular room’s orientation to the sun, makes it possible to take advantage of solar heat gain to reduce heating costs during the winter months, or to block radiant heat transfer that can send air conditioning bills soaring during the summer.

These special coatings are known as solar control or solar selective, low-E technology. While the primary purpose of low-emissivity technology is to control heat gain and loss, technological advances allow manufacturers to add light-blocking coatings that reduce the amount of natural light that streams into your home, reducing glare, or prevent harmful UV rays from damaging furniture, artwork and carpets.

Controlling the Indoor Environment with High-Performance Replacement Windows

Most modern home windows today are built with two glass panels, joined together with air or gas between the panes to enhance insulating properties. As technology improves, windows deliver more environmental control for homeowners. While blocking heat gain during warmer months and capturing solar heat during the winter make it less expensive to keep your home comfy, you shouldn’t have to put up with a cloudy view.

Look for low-E solutions that offer superior thermal and optical properties, including a crystal-clear view, even if you want to slightly diminish the amount of harsh sunlight streaming through the glazing.

One Final Thought

It would be a mistake to think all low-E glass is the same. Technology baked in at the factory creates a set of glazing solutions that complement diverse climates and environments. One advantage of designing your own replacement windows is that customization maximizes performance based on lot orientation, surrounding landscaping your and personal preferences. Making wise decisions ensures better performance after the installation is complete.

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