Are your home windows aging gracefully or dying a slow, agonizing death?  

How old do your windows have to be before you consider replacing them? Many people wonder if the age of their Long Island home’s windows should be a factor in deciding whether to install replacement windows or try to repair issues associated with operation or appearance. The Renewal by Andersen of Long Island stance on this topic depends on whether your windows are aging gracefully or dying a slow agonizing death.

How much age plays into the decision to replace existing your home’s windows depends on several key factors. Here are three ways that aging windows may lose their value over time.

#1. Window Maintenance & Care Are Increasing

As wood, metal and vinyl windows age, they begin to look faded, worn out and abused.

Wood frames have a certain amount of charm and restored wood windows look fantastic in historic homes and buildings. Wood frames also require a lot of maintenance – stripping, patching, priming, staining or painting, sealing – to prevent warping, rotting, swelling, chipping, peeling and blistering. Without routine maintenance, wood windows will eventually end up as food for insects or nesting material for local varmints.

It isn’t just wood frames that become maintenance nightmares. Steel frames may develop peeling paint issues and vinyl has a history of fading, discoloring and warping under the stress of harsh sunlight.

The good news is that modern composites such as Fibrex resist fading, mold, mildew, flaking warping and swelling associated with wood and vinyl frames and peeling and blistering associated with metal frames. Fibrex is guaranteed never to warp or form gaps, too.

Tip: Learn more about how Fibrex compares to other frame materials before making a replacement window buying decision.

#2. Windows Energy Efficiency Decline

Many Long Island homes were built before high-performance home windows came on the market. Windows that are 30, 40, 50 or 60 years old cannot be expected to meet modern energy efficiency standards. And, although some windows were built to last, most were not constructed to perform perfectly forever.

With daily use, windows may gradually lose their original efficiency. Over time, small air and moisture leaks may appear as weather stripping and sealants begin to exceed their lifespan. When windows develop leaks, your heating and air conditioning systems have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, which means your home is less energy efficient overall. And, you’ll probably notice heating and air conditioning bills start to increase as conditions worsen.

#3. Sun Damage Appears on Upholstery, Etc.

Windows naturally allow sunlight to flow through the glass, which can contribute to lower heating bills during the day in cold winter months, but higher bills at night. And, while solar heat gain is a bonus, harsh UV light can damage interior surfaces on floors, walls, furniture and artwork. As windows age, you may notice upholstery fades prematurely and rugs develop weak spots in the fabric.

Today’s high performance replacement window glass can have factory applied coatings that help block harmful UV rays from passing through the glass without limiting the flow of natural light that illuminates and warms your interior spaces.

Do Your Long Island Home’s Windows Just Need Some TLC or Is It Time For Retirement?

Aging windows can make your home look tired and worn out as well as increase your energy bills. And, when existing windows have outlived their usefulness, the cost of maintenance and upkeep begins to add up quickly.

If window retirement seems to be appropriate, contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island. Our specialists will help you evaluate your existing windows and explore home improvement solutions designed to restore the beauty and energy efficiency to your home. Don’t delay. Simply fill in the short form on this page or call 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a free, no-obligation home consultation with a replacement window professional in your neighborhood.



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