Long Island Replacement Windows She ShedIf yesterday’s big Long Island trend was creation of the basement “Man Cave”, today’s is the creation of the “She Shed” from an unused space like the garage. Converting a garage into livable space can be an excellent way to boost property value to your Long Island home. These often “undervalued rooms,” provide great customizable areas for everything from increasing your sleeping quarters to creating a dedicated home-based business office. Maybe you’re considering converting the garage into a she-zone? Keep these tips from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows and Patio Doors in mind as you explore your “She Shed” options.

What Are the Benefits of Garage Conversions Versus Traditional Additions?

Costs associated with turning your garage into a mom-cave can be significantly less than building a traditional addition. For example, you don’t typically have to expand the foundation, which means you save money on excavation. You can take the cash you would have spent on building from scratch – frame, roof, other shell components – on high-end furnishings, fixtures, replacement windows and flooring to make the space more comfortable and energy-efficient for everyday use. While electricity and plumbing may need updating to meet local code, that isn’t usually as expensive as putting in all new pipes and wires. Perhaps the biggest advantage of turning an attached or detached space into a private get-away is there’s less construction mess and disruption to your daily life.

How to Get Started Planning Your Long Island Renovation Project

Depending on your vision and existing space, you may want to hire a professional designer to help you make a detailed plan for your Long Island building renovation. Even small spaces can be turned into beautiful and elegant surroundings with the proper colors, textures and furnishings. Keep in mind that some neighborhoods, particularly in Brooklyn and Queens have restrictions about street parking and you may need to add some type of covered parking for the displaced cars. Careful planning ensures you don’t sacrifice needed storage space or run into problems with the zoning office.

How Do You Create Stunning Curb Appeal with Replacement Windows & Patio Doors?

Even though you’re starting with a pre-built room, you can’t ignore your exterior. Your new digs should complement the main house and the neighborhood. So while, you’re thinking about adding more insulation and heating and cooling equipment to make your woman-cave is comfortable throughout the seasons, remember to upgrade your side doors and single pane windows. Aging windows and doors often leak air and moisture, which will make your new room uncomfortable and unhealthy, not to mention expensive to heat and cool. Modern, energy-efficient replacement windows help keep your indoor temperature steady and bring in lots of natural light — both important considerations that are more important for living spaces than for car storage.

Some people opt to keep a roll-up garage door, but you don’t have to take that route. Replacing the existing entrance with a wall of glass created by a combination of operable and fixed windows will dramatically improve your indoor lighting, and create a stunning focal point. You may opt for a large French-style hinged patio door flanked by fixed windows to present a beautiful free-flowing entrance and exit point, or a sliding patio door combination that allows plenty of fresh air to come in during moderate weather, but keeps those no-see-ums out with TruScene insect screens.

How to Choose the Right Replacement Windows for Your Long Island ‘She Shed’

Choosing the right windows and doors that work for you and your surroundings is important for your comfort and your ultimate satisfaction and happiness with the final result of your renovation project. “The key to our customer’s satisfaction is that they take the time to understand what’s important to them in a replacement window and then select the windows and doors that meet their needs now, and for the foreseeable future.” Joe Ronzino, president of Renewal by Andersen of Long Island said. “It’s important that you select the right window that will provide superior performance for a lifetime to ensure your happiness long-term.”

Just like a professional designer can help you choose the best flooring materials and help you decide whether vertical storage is better or you want to take advantage of rafter space to store your seasonal sporting gear, a professional replacement window consultant can help you consider the many window styles, glazing options and accessories to make sure your new windows perform beautifully in your new space for years to come.

Conversion Checklist for Long Island Homeowners

Whether you call it a woman-cave, a she shed, a mom-cave or your personal quiet-place, converting the garage into a place you can get away to relax and rejuvenate is an exciting project. Intentional planning will make things go smoother, with less stress and less mess. Here’s your checklist for success.

  1. Check with the zoning and permitting offices before planning your project. Find out if there are restrictions about converting parking space into living space and curbside parking in your neighborhood.
  2. Set aside a weekend to clean out the garage. Have a tag sale, donate unwanted items to charity or recycle what you no longer need.
  3. Consult an interior designer to help you use every square inch of your “new” room to its full potential.
  4. Contact your Long Island replacement window and patio door specialist to discuss options for bringing in more natural light and enhancing energy-efficiency.

Create Your Personal Zone with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows & Patio Doors

Need more tips for how to use replacement windows in your new personal “she shed”? Just fill in the short form on this page for a brochure about our high-quality home improvement products. Want answers now? Give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 and schedule a free, home consultation.


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