long-island-replacement-window-treatmentsYou might think the most difficult part of your Long Island replacement window-upgrade decisions are over once you’ve decided on your Renewal by Andersen window styles. But don’t discard your interior-decorating hat just yet—you still have to finish those windows off with the perfect window treatments for your home!

As beautiful as unadorned Renewal by Andersen windows are, in most roooms, you’ll probably want a little more privacy and design flair than a glass pane provides for your Long Island home. These ideas should help.

A disclaimer: You might not find the perfect idea for your home’s personality here. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and experiment with window treatment ideas you think might look great, even if they’re a little off-the-wall!

1. Blinds

wood-blindsIf the thought of blinds conjures up plastic, impossible-to-clean mini-shades with a mind of their own, you’re not alone. But good quality blinds can be so much more than that. Window blinds are now available in a huge variety of styles—from wide-slat wooden window blinds to cellular blinds that double as extra insulation—and they work well on a wide variety of windows, from double-hungs to casements.

Choosing blinds with wider slats (either wooden or vinyl) brings a more upscale look to your space (no cheap mini-blind aura) and allows you the versatility to effortlessly adjust the light and privacy throughout the day.

2. Roman Shades

roman-shadesClose cousins to traditional window blinds, Roman shades function in much the same way; the pull of a string brings the panel up or down to just the height you want. But because they’re made from fabric—some offering a bit of drape and swag in the middle—they bring a softer feel to your space. Roman shades look great on double-hung windows and picture windows and can run the gamut of styles from old-world traditional to cutting-edge contemporary.

3. Tie-Up Curtains

tie-up-curtainsSimilar to Roman shades, tie-up curtains typically hang flat across the width of your window and are tied up a few inches from either side, allowing a bit of drape in the middle. Tie-ups offer modern style with lightweight, gauzy fabric, but also suit more traditional rooms when crafted from something a little weightier and tied up with a contrasting ribbon or band of fabric.

Take care where you choose to place these, though; they can be a pain to raise and lower, so choose tie-ups for a space where you don’t mind having a relatively fixed, decorative window treatment.

4. Oversized Sliding Panels

sliding-panelPerfect for larger windows, sliding windows, or even patio doors, long panels that slide easily back and forth are a classic (but often overlooked) option. The secret to making this type of window treatment feel upscale is all in the hardware: choosing the right curtain rod, hook system, and possibly even tiebacks can make or break this window style.

Because the rod will be exposed while the curtains are open, go with a decorative wooden or wrought iron-style rod, and choose a panel option that slides easily open or closed. Separate hooks, grommets, or tab-back curtains are all functional, attractive options.

5. Traditional Draperies

draperiesA smart choice for older homes featuring a more traditional or formal style, traditional draperies often incorporate a valance and long, floor-length panels. Valances may be elaborately draped, swagged, or pleated, and they could be constructed out of fabric that either matches or complements the drapes themselves. Traditional drapes are usually very full and often pool a bit on the floor.

Love this style but want a more modern take on it? Go with a bold, solid color that fits your interior, skip the trim (or keep it simple) and keep the lines of your draperies streamlined without skimping on the rich drape and volume associated with traditional drapery style.

6. Café Curtains

cafe-curtainKitchen curtains often pose a challenge for homeowners. On one hand, you want a bit of privacy and color to tie your décor together; on the other, you don’t want bulky, drapey curtains that get in the way (or become easily soiled) in such a high-use area. Café curtains make a smart choice for this space.
Usually mounted to cover only the lower half or two-thirds of a window and hemmed the same length as the window sill or trim, café curtains stay out of the way, let in sunlight, and offer a bit of privacy when you want it. They look great, too; try using a lightweight fabric and mounting it with oversized round hoops on a light iron rod for a breezy, updated twist on the classic café curtain.

Get More Tips and Tricks from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island

There are hundreds of window treatment options on the market today, we’ve only highlight a few for your consideration. Whichever style of window covering you choose for your new replacement windows, be careful not to drive nails or screws into the window. Improperly installed window treatments may damage your trim and frame, potentially voiding parts of your warranty.

Have questions about drapery installation? Give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 or fill in the short form on this page. We’re always happy to help our customers get the most value from their new upgrade.

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