Many Long Island, NY Replacement Windows Choices

Renewal by Andersen double hung replacement windowIf you’re just starting the replacement windows process on Long Island, NY, you may find yourself a little lost in a sea of choices, plagued by jargon and terminology with which you’re unfamiliar. Buying new windows is just like any other major project; you need to pick a place to start and work through it one piece at a time. Like the old joke about “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”.

When starting your replacement window research, you’re going to want to find a starting point — one decision that you can make and use as a jumping off point for the rest of your replacement window experience. And if you really are at the absolute beginning, that choice is going to be whether to use Replacement Windows, otherwise known as Insert Replacement Windows or New Construction Windows, otherwise known as Full Frame Replacement Windows.

If you weren’t aware that these two were different options, you’ve come to the right blog. In today’s post from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, we’re going to talk about the differences between replacement windows and new construction windows, the benefits of each of them, and how to decide which type is the window for you.

What’s the Difference Between New Construction and Replacement Windows?

While these two different types are frequently and informally referred to as Replacement Windows and New Construction windows, the official terminology for each is Insert Replacement Window and Full Frame Replacement Window, respectively. And while that is good to know, for the sake of avoiding confusion (I’ve got a bone to pick with whoever put “replacement” in both names), we’ll stick to the informal titles. Replacement windows are defined as windows that are installed into a preexisting window opening, while new construction windows are most typically designed for homes that have yet to be constructed, and will be the first windows in the new home.

Physical Differences of Replacement Windows & New Construction Windows

New Construction Window Nailing Fin

New Construction Window Nailing Fin

Of course, the above set of definitions is a little lacking, because in some cases new construction windows can be used in existing homes. So to widen the divide a little further, we’ll address the physical difference between these windows.  This difference lies in the critical nailing fin, an extension attached to the frame of a new construction window that provides additional protection against air and water leakage. It’s this fin that makes putting a new construction window into an already existing opening difficult without damaging the appearance of the wall or siding. Replacement windows lack this fin, which allows them to be installed from the inside of a home and minimize any potential damage that could be done to the structure surrounding it.

In most cases, Replacement Windows enable your new window to be installed without disturbing your existing siding or any of your inside window trim. There is much less disturbance of your home and therefore less mess to clean up. Replacement Windows are also installed much more quickly, so there’s less disruption to your home and lifestyle. And replacement windows are just as efficient and aesthetically pleasing as any comparable New Construction Window.

Cost of Replacement Windows Versus New Construction Windows

Now comes the big question on everybody’s mind when comparing two similar products: what is the difference in cost? And while it’s hard to put an exact figure on how much new windows will cost you, it’s safe to say that, in most cases, replacement windows are more wallet-friendly. Now this may come as a surprise if you’ve seen reasonably priced stock new construction windows lined up in your hardware store, but those numbers can be very misleading. While one stock window may appear to be cheaper than its custom-sized replacement counterpart, the cost goes up significantly ( reports anywhere from 50 to 100 percent) when you take into account that it is unlikely that one of these stock windows will fit perfectly into your window opening. The added cost of adjusting the opening to fit the window will bring your final bill to a place you may not have been expecting. Custom replacement windows, however, render that issue moot.

How to Decide Between New Construction & Replacement Windows?

So now that you’ve been bombarded with information about these two different types of windows, how do you weed through it all to decide which window is the choice for you? In order to do that, you’ll have to look at what you need from your windows and your home. If you’re looking to redo a wall or your siding, or if the frame that you need to place the window in is in such bad shape that it needs massive reconstruction, a new construction window may be the right answer. But, if your frame is in good shape and you want to avoid the time and mess of a potentially difficult installation, you’ll likely prefer to go with a replacement window.

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