Dressing your Long Island Replacement Windows for WinterThis time of year our Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window consultants hear plenty of comments about draft dodgers – those colorful “door snakes” designed to block cold air from sneaking in around the bottom of the door when the draft guard fails. Some people have even taken to using them on their troublesome drafty windows.

Eliminating drafts is an important part of winterizing your Long Island home. But, if we have a repeat of last winter’s polar vortex, draft stoppers won’t make a big impact on the comfort throughout your home.

A better option – one that will give you a permanent solution and not just a temporary fix – is to replace dilapidated windows and doors that aren’t doing a good job of keeping cold air outdoors and warm air inside.

Energy-efficient replacement windows and doors (backed up with one of the finest warranty packages in the industry) can give you confidence that you’ll be toasty and warm inside even when the winds are howling and temperatures have plummeted.

Since every replacement window is custom-built for your home, it’ll take several weeks before your new windows arrive and our professional installation team gets them installed in your Long Island home so there’s no time to waste if you want to keep your home warm and your energy bills from climbing through the roof.

Even when you have your new energy efficient windows installed in your Long Island home, the right window treatments can help you feel warm and cozy during the most bitter winter weather — without tossing decorating preferences out the window.

Window Treatment Design Basics

The style and fabrics you choose do more than just cover your windows. Curtains, drapes and shades let you control natural light, muffle outside noises and increase privacy. Those gauzy sheers that allow cool summer breezes to flow through your home aren’t very efficient at blocking the cold in winter. Especially if your old windows don’t seal tightly, you’ll most likely want a more substantial fabric during fall and winter.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to create a foundation for beautiful rooms. You may even want to update window treatments again once your replacement windows arrive. Since you won’t be focused on blocking drafts, you’ll be able to focus on window dressings that accentuate a stunning view or downplay less-than-picture-perfect architectural details.

Form and Function Before Frills

Designers recommend you carefully consider the window shape and style before you buy new window treatments. High-humidity rooms (bathrooms and kitchens in particular) require shades or curtains that “hold their shape” well. It’s also a good idea to avoid dry-clean-only fabrics in kitchens. Washable fabrics and hard surfaces – like wood blinds or vertical shades – work well in kitchens where your treatments are exposed to cooking odors and grease splatters.

High-humidity areas aren’t the only challenge for homeowners. Bedrooms and nurseries often benefit from multiple layers that allow you to block light and noise for sleeping or napping times and then open the blinds or shades during the day to allow natural light to pass inside. If you’re trying to control drafts, installing heavy drapes over light-weight panels is a good idea. Speaking of nurseries, make sure you install retractable cords in rooms where small children could get tangled in dangling string.

Any style you choose should reflect the way you use each room and your decorating preferences. Choose washable fabrics where children and pets spend time. Faux wood blinds and synthetic fabrics are budget-friendly as compared to custom-ordered draperies and imported wooden blinds. If you’re planning to invest in more expensive custom-made window treatments once your new replacement windows arrive, off-the-shelf options are typically the least expensive window treatments.

Whether you prefer blinds, curtains, shutters or shades, any style you choose should reflect the way you use each room as well as your decorating preferences.

Replacement Windows & Patio Doors Lay a Good Foundation to Protect You From Winter Weather
Window treatments give you many decorating options to create comfortable spaces for your family but the style of your windows play a part as well. Your replacement windows and doors lay the foundation for controlling your indoor climate, your budget and your decorating style.

If you’ve already ordered your new windows, consider the shapes and styles you selected when updating your window treatments. If you haven’t designed your own energy-efficient windows yet, consider all the design options, including color, hardware, grilles and screens and what impact they will have on your overall decorating plans.

Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows Have the Style Options You Need Without Sacrificing Energy Efficiency and Comfort

One of the benefits of installing Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows are the dozens of style options available to match your taste and style without sacrificing long-lasting energy efficient performance so you can update your window treatments focused on your decorating preferences and not ways to keep cold air outside where it belongs.

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