Long Island Replacement Windows Aren’t Expensive When You Consider Your Long Term Goals

Long Island Replacement Windows Return on InvestmentDon’t be discouraged by naysayers who insist Long Island replacement windows are too expensive for the average homeowner. Planning home renovations to increase energy efficiency may cost more initially, but over time you’ll enjoy continued savings.

It’s truly important to take a whole-house approach for maximum benefits. Your home’s total energy performance depends on insulation, structural integrity, electrical and plumbing aspects, and naturally, your windows, skylights and doors.

Installing ENERGY STAR labeled appliances and energy-efficient upgrades is good for the pocket book, the environment and overall comfort inside your Long Island home. Plus, you’ll reap the benefits for many years in the future. To get the most value from your new replacement windows, design them for a terrific aesthetic, enduring beauty and long-lasting, superior performance.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Don’t Compromise Efficiency for Economy

Making wise financial decisions shouldn’t compromise your decorating or energy conservation goals. Curbing your carbon footprint and investing in the health and sustainability of our planet shouldn’t compromise your financial goals. Choosing Fibrex® composite frames helps homeowners reach their diverse goals.

The innovative composite material is manufactured with 40 percent reclaimed wood fiber, primarily gathered wood window frames and components. A few of the benefits Fibrex® offers energy-conscious consumers are:

  • Fibrex is twice as strong as vinyl
  • Frames never rot, fade, mildew or rust
  • Superior insulation and heat transfer control
  • Long-lasting beauty without extensive maintenance and upkeep
  • Custom-built with an eye on conservation and natural resource management

Enhancing Energy Efficient Designs

Investing in ENERGY STAR certified appliances and replacement windows isn’t the only way to save money on heating and cooling bills, but it is a wonderful place to start. ENERGY STAR labeled products typically reduce energy use by 20 to 30 percent beyond federal standards, depending on your home environment and climate. Installing top of the line or “best rated” home improvement products could save homeowners 15 percent (or more) on their monthly cooling bills during our hot, muggy summer months. To learn more about maximizing savings, visit the ENERGY STAR website or talk to your Renewal by Andersen design consultant (call 1-877-313-9052).

Buy Today for Durability Tomorrow

Buying the least expensive products isn’t a wise financial decision if you have to replace them in a few years due to performance or failure issues. Whether it’s taking measures to save our natural resources, or building custom windows and patio doors to help Long Island consumers shave dollars off their heating and cooling bills, our team takes saving seriously. Installing replacement windows designed to last for years is a wise investment decision.

Go Green & Save Now & In the Future

As far as “green technology” benefits go, it doesn’t make sense to choose products manufactured under strict sustainability standards unless they will help you control energy consumption and respect the environment throughout the product life-cycle. In other words, design choices help you “get it right the first time.” So, even if energy prices rise in the future, you’ll have confidence that you will continue to reap real savings throughout the life of your windows and patio doors.

Taking a proactive approach to replacement window design means:

  • You choose glazing for every window in every room based on how many hours of direct sunlight hits the glass, whether you want to capitalize on solar heat gain during the winter or control heat transfer during sweltering summer.
  • You select framing material that has a similar thermal expansion rate to your home’s building material. Vinyl moves much more than your wood framing, opening up gaps between your windows and your home. Fibrex doesn’t.
  • You balance the number of operable windows with fixed windows to allow efficient ventilation and leverage the superior energy-efficiency of windows that don’t open.

Options to Improve Your Energy Efficient View

Helping Long Island homeowners achieve their goals is good business. We understand saving money and protecting the environment are high on the list of priorities for our neighbors and friends on the Island. But, we also understand that how you frame your view and the view from the curb are just as important as finding a company who believes in responsible stewardship. That’s why we offer a full range of trim and frame colors, paintable interiors and grille patterns that allow you to create a truly unique decorating presentation.

Our innovative solutions give you the freedom to select the perfect hardware to match or complement your existing decor, or create a brand new decorating scheme. Choosing standard grille patterns or customizing grilles for specialty windows and transoms allows you to decide whether you want to create a stunning focal point or design windows that blend into the current architectural features.

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