Are you living with a dismal view out one or more of your windows od your Long Island home? You don’t have to live with an unpleasant view out your window! You can improve your view by making small changes to your property inside and outside. By hanging plants, installing a small garden, hanging decorations and making other changes, you can improve the view out your windows. Read on to learn more with these four simple tips.

#1. Hang or Install Plants Around Your Windows

Vibrant plants make dark, depressing spaces more attractive and some can even improve indoor air quality. To make your view more noteworthy, hang indoor potted plants in front of or around your your windows. Choose plants that are flashy and colorful, like a croton plant, polkadot begonia or a nerve plant. When you’re choosing an indoor plant, take into consideration the amount of daylight the plant requires and how much light the plant will be exposed to through the window. Match the plant to the light exposure in the space.

Alternatively, you can also install plants just outside the window so they’re visible from your home. One way to do this is to attach a planter box to your window. Get a reliable contractor to do this for you, to help ensure that the planter box will be properly installed. A poorly installed planter box can damage your siding and may even lead to leaks. In any case, ensure that you do not hang or screw anything into the window frames. This can cause damage to the windows and will most likely void your window warranty.

#2. Communicate With Your Neighbors

Is the poor view a problem created by your neighbors? Perhaps the view out your window looks onto your neighbors’ garbage cans, or something that your neighbors can easily move?

Consider communicating with your neighbors about your problem. If you can approach the subject gently, they may consider making changes. Offer to help your neighbor make the changes, if help is warranted.

#3. Hang a Stained Glass Decoration on Your Window

Stained glass decorations make windows more colorful and attractive. Hang a stained glass decoration from your window. You can hang it from above the window using fine filament fishing line or “invisible” nylon thread to avoid putting nails or screws in your window frame, which, as noted above, can damage your window and void your warranty. If you’re considering using a suction cup on the glass, be sure that the window is spotlessly clean, whatever material the suction cup is made from will not stain or damage your window glass and, most of all, will not void your window warranty.

#4. Arts & Crafts Projects to Brighten Your Windows

You don’t have to buy a stained glass decoration for your window – you can make one with tissue paper to achieve a stained glass-effect. This simple craft project is great for you and your kids to work on together. You can even change out the decorations seasonally.

For example, hang tissue paper flowers in spring, autumn leaves in autumn, holiday trees in winter, and so on. For more information about how to make your own tissue paper arts and crafts projects, check out this website.

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