There are so many things to consider when designing replacement windows for your home. This week’s Renewal by Andersen of Long Island post will help you consider the way optional window grilles can dramatically influence the appearance of your home.

Window Grille History

Since early glass manufacturing techniques prevented creating large, undivided sheets of glass for windows, the only way for homeowners to get more than a few square inches of viewing area was to join multiple pieces together with mullions or window grilles. Larger windows also enabled healthy air circulation to refresh and cool interior living quarters since room fans and HVAC systems hadn’t been invented yet.

Every glass joint in legacy, true divided lite windows, created the potential for air and moisture leaks when the sealant failed – and it failed frequently. Modern glass, sealant and manufacturing techniques deliver superior energy-efficiency, so homeowners add grilles today for aesthetic reasons alone.

The Dilemma of Naked Windows

While mullions are no longer needed, some architectural styles – think, Colonials, Cape Cods, and other traditional styles – look downright naked without at least the appearance of original divided panes. And, while you can add any of the standard grille layouts, or design a custom pattern for your replacement windows, some patterns look better than others. To recreate the original look, review period photographs or architectural publications to see what was available when your home was built. Better yet, ask your replacement window consultant for recommendation for designing your window grilles to present an authentic, accurate appearance.

Bonus Tip: If you are updating a registered historic home, consult with the local zoning office or historical society before making a final decision. This one step will help you protect the value of your property, and avoid the costs associated with replacing your replacement windows.

Choosing a Best-Fit, Practical Window Grille

When you definitely want to add grilles, and you know which pattern you want, you’ll need to decide which style and features you want for your replacement windows. Personal preferences guide this part of the design process.

Here are three ways your grille design choices influence the overall aesthetic in your home, plus a bit more information about convenience features.

Three Distinct Grille Styles

#1. Removable Interior Grilles: This option is slightly visible from the outside, but primarily adds a bit of interior decorative detailing to complement existing décor or even create an attention-grabbing feature. The strips pop off and reattach easily, simplifying glass cleaning chores.

#2. Between-the-Glass Window Grilles. As the name implies, this grille choice resides permanently between the panes of your insulated window unit. This selection looks like a divided lite window from the exterior and interior viewpoints. Even simpler to clean than the detachable grille style.

#3. Full Divided Lite Window Grilles. This is the best choice if you want to replicate authentic, multi-pane windows, without decreasing energy-efficiency. Outside grilles manufactured with low-maintenance Fibrex, between-the-glass grilles, and removable interiors almost exactly mimic legacy home windows.

Varied Strip Size

The correct thickness for the size of your window unit presents a pleasing appearance. A very skinny strip offers practically zero visual interest. Bulky, thick strips overpower small windows, and severe limit your viewing area and the natural light that enters your home.

Color Options

Most homeowners prefer a grille color that matches the window frame color, especially when upgrading an older home. Of course, if your vision includes using complementary colors to create a stunning focal point, follow your vision.

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