Long Island Replacement Windows SensesAt Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, we spend a good deal of time talking about the financial benefits of installing ENERGY STAR labeled replacement windows and patio doors. Saving money on heating and cooling bills is a priority with many of our customers while some homeowners are more concerned about how installing replacement windows will impact their home’s value should they decide to sell their house at some point in the future.

Truth be told, we are proud of how efficient our line of home improvement solutions are and most real estate professionals would agree that upgrades positively impact the market value of your home. But, we believe you’ll be even more satisfied with your renovations after the installation is complete if you use all of your senses as your design your new custom-built windows and not focus only on the financial aspects. Here’s why.

It’s All About Your Replacement Windows Vision
There’s vision, and then there’s vision. In the first instance, you have a preconceived idea about what you expect your replacement windows to do – save you money on utility bills, seal out cold winter wind, and overall make your home more comfortable in our hot, muggy summer climate and frigid winter weather.

There’s more that appeals to your eyes though. The colors and shapes you choose can dramatically transform your home into a beautiful structure your neighbors will envy. Deciding whether to install grilles in your windows will have exterior impact, but will also define your view from inside your home, too. Low-profile frames give you a broader view of the world outside. Remember to consider the visual aspects when you’re considering features.

Hear This – or Don’t!
Double-hung windows with gas between the panes significantly improves noise control as compared to older single-hung windows with damaged frames and aging weather-stripping. If air and moisture are coming in, you’re probably hearing more external sounds than you would like. By replacing poorly sealed windows and patio doors, you’ll muffle traffic and neighborhood noises. And, your private conversations don’t “leak out” where others can hear what you’re saying inside your home. Of course, unless you invest in sound-proof windows, you may still hear really loud sounds, but the improvement is immediately apparently for most people.

Let’s Get Touchy-Feely
Finishes and textures help you create beautiful indoor spaces that appeal to your sense of sight, but they also affect how things feel when you touch them. For example, stainable or paintable interiors can be customized with a flat finish or a textured surface depending on what your decorating goals are. People who are left-handed might prefer left-handed cranks and operational levers, so they feel more natural in their hands. Window styles slide side to side horizontally, open vertically, pull in and push out. You may choose different operational styles for different rooms to make sure family members like the way it feels to open up the window and enjoy the breeze. Which leads us to the next sense.

Enjoy Scent-sations Courtesy of Renewal by Andersen of Long Island
While we strive to make every window virtually air tight to keep out dust, airborne allergens, wind and water, there are times you’ll want to open up the house to capture a cool evening breeze or enjoy the sounds of a gentle rain falling.

Opening a window or sliding door fitted with TruScene Insect Screen means you can enjoy the fragrant scents from your spring or autumn garden without worrying about those pesky no-see-ums invading your home, too. And, when traffic is heavy or there is an offensive odor in the air, you can close your windows and have confidence the stink will stay outdoors, provided all of your windows and doors have been upgraded and there are no other structural problems that would allow polluted air to infiltrate your home.

The Other Sense: Peace of Mind
By now you can probably see the connections for sight, sound, smell and touch. But, there’s another very important sense to consider, the sense of security. Installing new windows with multipoint locking systems and recessed latches improves the security of your home. Window guards prevent young children from opening the window far enough to fall through. Patterned glass options prevent people outdoors from seeing inside your home. All of these features give you peace of mind that you’re doing more to keep your family safe.

And, with our exclusive 20/2/10 warranty, you can have confidence your new replacement windows will remain beautiful and perform exceptionally well for years. If a problem develops, we’re just a phone call away.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows are Sense-Sational

Are you ready to start the replacement window design journey? We invite you to contact us by filling out the short on this page or calling our toll free number, 1-877-313-9052, to schedule a private, in-home consultation or fill in the short form on this page.

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