If the windows in your Long Island home are a few years old, you may be thinking of replacing them. New windows are a major commitment, and you want to know if the improvement will be worth the effort and expense. Here are some indications that it may be time to shop for an upgrade.

#1. High Heating and Air Conditioning Bills

Are you using more electricity and gas than your neighbors? Has your energy usage risen over recent years? If so, your windows may be part of the problem if they’re not insulating as well as they could.

#2. Do You Have Drafts?

Also, how comfortable are you when you sit near a window? In the winter, do you feel a draft? Installing new windows can fix that problem.

#3. Excess Condensation on Windows

A buildup of moisture often indicates that your window is leaking. Leaks around the frame or at the sill can sometimes be repaired. However, if it’s an insulated, gas-filled window and gas has escaped, it’s never going to insulate the way it used to.

Other indicators of leakage are damage to the wall or floor below windows.

#4. Faded Furniture and Carpets

Sun damage on carpets and furniture is an indication that your window lacks proper UV protection. Many of today’s modern windows can help resolve this problem by reducing the amount of UV rays that enter your home.

#5. Old or Outdated Windows

Window technology has improved by leaps and bounds in recent decades. Windows that are 30 years and older simply can’t perform as well as new ones. They may still look good, but they won’t insulate at the highest level forever. Poor insulation means money spent on energy to heat and cool your home literally goes out the window.

If your old windows are single-pane, they don’t block noise and temperature extremes the way today’s dual-pane gas-filled windows do.

If the frames are wood or metal, you are going to have significant regular cleaning and maintenance expenses. A modern frame made of Renewal by Andersen of Long Island’s exclusive Fibrex will put an end to this cost and effort.

#6. Visible Window Damage

While some minor problems are worth repairing, it’s frequently better to replace the window with something more efficient and comfortable, especially if it’s an older one.

It’s true that a chipped wood frame, worn-out handles and deteriorated weather stripping can usually be repaired or replaced and a single broken pane can be replaced. However, if it’s a double-pane insulating window, you’ll have to swap out the entire dual panel to restore the window’s insulating properties. Of course, if your broken window is single-pane, you’re not going to get top performance even with a new one.

#7. Tired or Outdated Window Styles

Maybe you just don’t like the way your windows look. New windows improve the curb appeal of your home and the décor inside. A modern style, be it a double-hung, casement or sliding window, can make you a happier homeowner and increase the value of your residence.

Let Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Help You Decide if It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Windows

If you have one or more of these issues with your windows, it may be time for a change. Moving forward is a big step and there’s a lot to consider. Call Renewal by Andersen of Long Island at 1-877-313-9052 and talk to a specialist in your neighborhood for help with this important decision.



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