Fall on Long Island is a beautiful season to watch the scenery change outside our windows. Many of us wait every year for the annual migration of the Monarch butterflies as they pass through on the way to Mexico. The hot, humid weather gives way to cooler nights and moderate daytime temperatures perfect for a hike or a day trip to the shore. Cold weather is still weeks away, so outdoor sports enthusiasts are taking advantage of moderate temperatures to spend some precious time off picnicking and hosting pre-game parties on the patio.

Fall is also a great time to tackle the annual home inspection routines – getting the HVAC checked out, winterizing your gardens and looking around your home to see if anything needs repair before fall gives way to winter. This week’s post is all about preparing now, so you’ll be more comfortable when the cold winds blow in and snow begins to fall.

So, here’s a question for our friends all across Suffolk County, Nassau County, Brooklyn and Queens – Have you checked your home windows and patio doors yet? We recommend homeowners make it a habit to do a seasonal checkup in the spring and fall. If you notice windows with gaps and sagging frames that allow air and moisture leaks, frame damage, or broken glass, it is time to consider replacement windows.

When Should You Replace Windows Instead of Repairing Windows?

If your windows are in good condition that’s great! You may find your windows are structurally sound, but have a few minor issues that replacing the weather stripping and floor sweeps on the doors will fix. Replacing one window with a cracked pane probably won’t present a huge financial burden for many homeowners.

But, if all or most of your windows have issues, ignoring the problems will only make matters worse. Excessive moisture buildup can damage your window parts, and lead to mold or mildew growing on, or inside, walls, floors and even furniture. Left untreated, mold can quickly spread, and remediation could cost thousands of dollars and potentially create health risks for your family. Broken panes allow the gas fill to escape of double-pane windows, which reduces their energy-efficiency. And, some damage is both unsightly and devalues your property.

Which Windows Should You Buy if You Are on a Tight Budget?

If you have multiple home windows with multiple problems, investing in replacement windows and patio doors will make your home more functional, more comfortable, more energy-efficient, and more attractive. For a few of you, the problem may be paying for the project. There are many ways to pay for home improvement needs in the Long Island area. For example, Energy.gov works with local utilities – think, PSEG and Con Ed – to offer homeowners access to free home energy assessments and special financing through local, state and federal initiatives under the DOE’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. While these agreements may not cover replacement window costs directly, they cover home improvements that include replacing the HVAC system and other appliances to improve energy-efficiency. A home energy audit can help you determine if other home issues should be addressed. We recommend you contact your local utility providers – both gas and electric – to ask about incentives and discounts for homeowners who choose to update their home with energy-efficient fixtures and appliances.

Finding the “cheapest” replacement window isn’t necessarily the answer to overcoming a tight budget. For one thing, while prices vary among dealers, the style doesn’t dictate the price as much as the size and shape of a window. So, a double-hung window that measures 4′ X 4′ will be close to the same price as a sliding window or an awning window of the same size. What impacts the price is the type of glass, upgraded insect screens and specialty hardware over standard locks and levers. Some custom configurations, such as creating a bay or bow window or an over-sized, multi-paneled patio door, may be slightly more than traditional shapes and sizes.

As far as choosing an economical replacement window that will eliminate drafts and cold spots, and help you control your heating bills this winter, have you considered the advantages of staging your project over time?

Three Staging Options: Which Solution is Best for Your Budget?

Staging a home remodel project gives homeowners the flexibility to “pay-as-you-go” with a twist. Staging over time, not to be confused with “staging a home for quick sale,” means you plan which replacement windows to install, and in what order. Staging will look different for every homeowner. Here are three examples.

#1. Focus on Functionality Over Appearance: If you can only replace some of your home windows initially, and you want to improve energy-efficiency, replace the windows with the most significant damage first.

#2. Focus on Appearance Over Functionality: If damage is mostly aesthetic – chipped or faded frames, scratched glass, styles that don’t match – consider replacing the street-facing windows first. Then, schedule each side and the back as finances allow.

#3. Focus on Finances Over Both Functionality and Appearance: If you must only replace a few windows at a time, establish a budget and schedule installation based on available funds. It is still a good idea to replace heavily damaged and poorly performing windows as soon as practical.

Partner With Renewal by Andersen of Long Island to Stage Your Replacement Window Upgrade

Whether you stage your replacement window upgrade, or customize windows for every room in your home at the same time, the process should be affordable, stress-free and easy. We value our customers and strive to work with each one on their time schedule and within budget constraints. You can learn more about our Energy Star replacement windows by filling in the short form on this page or calling 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a private consultation with a replacement window professional.


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