Comparing Renewal by Andersen Fibrex & Wooden Replacement Windows

Every replacement window company on Long Island promises to provide you with a window that delivers superior performance, exceptional structural integrity and years of dependable energy-efficient service. But how do you really know who’s windows are best suited to provide you with the features and durability you expect in your replacement window project?

Just as every home has unique features and design aesthetics, the color options, hardware designs and framing materials of your replacement windows will create a distinctive look for your Long Island home.

Many companies direct your attention to the glass in your windows to the exclusion of all else. And certainly, as the main component of your window, energy efficient glass is important, but it is not the only part of the window that will affect your overall satisfaction.

Wood vs Composite Window FrameReplacement Window Frames

The starting point for designing your replacement windows should be considering the framing material that surrounds and houses the glass panes. Two of the most popular window framing materials on the market today are wood and composite materials.

What Are ‘Composite’ Windows?

We all know what wood windows are; they’ve been around and performed well for centuries, but what exactly are composite window frames? Composite materials are simply the mixing of two or more distinct materials to create a better product that leverages the best characteristics of each individual material. The end result is a stronger, more versatile, and often more beautiful material that requires less maintenance than the individual ingredients.

Renewal By Andersen’s Fibrex Composite

Fibrex, is a composite material created by Andersen Windows’ team of scientists does just that. Using the light weight, water repellent characteristics of PVC and the strength of wood, Fibrex, delivers a construction material that is far superior to vinyl or aluminum with the stability and low-heat transfer of wood.

Wood Window Frames and Composite Window Frames

Composite Window Frame BenefitsBefore you decide on the colors, options and finished of your windows, let’s compare Fibrex windows with traditional wood windows. Being manufactured largely of wood, Fibrex responds to changes in weather similar to the wood framing or brick exterior of your home. Fibrex is stable like wood and doesn’t have the extreme expansion and contraction issues of some other materials (like vinyl). This means that you will not have to deal with gaps caused by the natural contraction and expansion of your home as the temperature rises and falls throughout the seasons.

Fibrex is Weather Resistant

However, Fibrex, by mixing the wood with PVC, eliminates the natural tendency of wood to absorb water, swell and rot like wood. You won’t have to worry about termites eating your Fibrex window frames!

Structurally Sound

Another similarity between wood and Fibrex is that both are structurally strong. Fibrex is stronger than wood, but both maintain their shape and easily support the weight of even the heaviest glass in the extreme heat of the summer, nor to they become brittle in the frigid cold of winter.

Fibrex is Low Maintenance

One significant benefit of Fibrex over wood as a window frame material is its low-maintenance factor. Fibrex is  impermeable – it does not absorb water like wood. For you, that means no worries about flaking paint from moisture during the rain and snow seasons and no rot to deal with as it dries out. Wood requires routine maintenance to protect it from the elements and potential threats like termites and other wood destroying insects.

Fibrex is Good for the Environment

If protecting the environment is important to you and your family, you will be glad to know that Renewal by Andersen shares your values. Fibrex is manufactured using wood reclaimed from Andersen’s wood products. Choosing Fibrex for your window frames means fewer trees are harvested, less manufacturing waste ends up in the landfill and a smaller carbon footprint is created by reducing the fuel necessary for shipping raw materials to our manufacturing facilities.

A Multitude of Color and Finish Options

Both natural wood and composite frames are available in dozens of beautiful colors and finishes. Be sure to ask us about all the different colors and finishes in which our composite window frames are available. If you want more interior design color options, we offer wood grilles and stainable wood interiors like engineered pine or maple. Our exteriors are all maintenance-free, but you can paint or stain many interior surfaces to coordinate with your decorating scheme.


Both composite and wood replacement window framing materials provide years of long-lasting beauty, exceptional energy efficiency and come with Renewal by Andersen’s best window warranty. Whether you choose Fibrex or wood frames, you can choose panes from our standard or specialty glass portfolio, optional screens and hardware finishes to create your own unique window package.

Have More Questions About Composite Window Frames? Call Renewal By Andersen of Long Island

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