Long Island replacement window designDon’t forget to plan your replacement windows if you’re thinking about converting your Long Island basement into an entertainment room or home studio. If you’ve been thinking of converting the basement in your Long Island home for a while, now is a great time to stop talking about it and start planning the project. Creating an entertainment room or home studio to play and/or record music provides a place where you can escape the daily grind and relax.

If you’re planning to record, you may want interior windows to replace existing doors to improve noise control while allowing necessary eye-contact with people “in the booth.” Even if you’re only interested in a room to hang out with friends and jam, you’ll want some natural light and ventilation. Custom-built studio windows prevent that trapped feeling many people get when they’re in a room with solid walls.

Remediate Your Basement Issues First

Always resolve any serious issues before you begin a basement remodeling project. Check for mold, water leaks, damp spots, cracked walls, gaps in the corners that might signal foundational problems and dry rot. Waterproofing your space first will save you a lot of grief if you discover issues later, after you’ve started the basement transformation.

Acoustical Considerations: Glass Options

Dampening sound transmission is crucial in entertainment areas and music studios. Unless you live alone, you’ll want to add soundproofing tiles or panels to the ceiling and walls to keep your creativity contained within the basement, and reduce outside noises from interrupting your flow.

Insulated glass options improve acoustics and alleviate outside noise problems. Professional studio designers often recommend a 12mm thickness for windows; however, that’s not necessary in most home studio environments.

Choosing an energy-efficient option that reduces glare and UV light levesl protects your instruments & equipment from harmful rays, without obscuring your beautiful Long Island view.

Replacement Window Framing Considerations

Replacement Window frame integrity, strength and durability are very important. Here are three critical things to remember when choosing frame types:

  1. Gaps or weaknesses will affect reflection and efficiency.
  2. Windows with argon-blend, or other gas, between the panes reduces noise transmission, so traditional home studio methods, like installing carpet or soundboard between the panels isn’t necessary.
  3. Avoid adding carpet to the exposed inner frame of the window as this could void your warranty.

We recommend Fibrex composite frames that are guaranteed not to sag or gap so you never have to worry about glass panes coming loose from the frame, even if you crank up the volume loud enough to “rattle the windows”. Loose panels create safety hazards for you and your equipment. And, shattered glass is dangerous and difficult to clean up.

Replacement Window Styles

While fixed windows provide the ultimate protection against airborne debris and moisture that can damage your equipment, instruments and recording equipment, installing at least one operable window enables necessary ventilation and emergency egress.

If you have a conventional basement with windows installed near the ceiling, consider awning or hopper windows equipped with single lever handles positioned on the lower part of the unit. This makes opening and closing easier and safer.

Casement windows are great options for partially underground basements and ground-level rooms that allow larger windows. Replacement casement windows provide superior noise transfer control.

(Need a recording booth? Take a look at this article before you layout your new space. You’ll find some great tips on creating your own “sweet spot” and configuring your traffic patterns.)

Timing Your Renovation

Allow several weeks from the time our consultants first visit your home until the installation is completed. While you’re waiting for your new replacement windows to arrive, you’ll have time to get the new flooring ordered, pick out your window treatments and finalize equipment storage solutions.

Waiting Could Cost You More

The 2015 Cost vs Value Report showed there was a slight decline for homeowners considering updating their basements between 2014 and 2015 (currently 72.8 percent), but if you’re thinking of converting your unused floor space into an in-home studio, this is still a great time to get started. Here’s three reasons why:

  1. Some industry experts expect the trend to continue, so putting it off another year could mean losing more in the long-term.
  2. Even if the cost vs value ratio stays relatively stable, at current inflation rates (about 2.5 percent), every year you wait could cost you hundreds of dollars.
  3. Compared to home remodeling costs for 2008-2009, 2015 is significantly less expensive, off by 10 percent to 15 percent.

Renewal by Andersen and Long Island Homeowners Can Make Beautiful Music Together

Consider your replacement windows first when transforming your Long Island basement – or any room in your house – to an entertainment room or music studio. Well-executed plans can turn your dreary, unused space into a beautiful place to hang out and rejuvenate. Our Renewal by Andersen of Long Island design team is standing by to help you get started. Just call us toll-free at 1-877-313-9052 or fill in the short form on this page for more details.

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