Long Island Replacement Windows Don't Have to be BoringIf you’ve recently noticed the windows in your Long Island home are looking a bit drab and boring, it might be time to consider upgrading with Renewal by Andersen replacement windows. While most homes have traditional square or rectangle-shaped windows, you don’t have to follow tradition.

Whether you want to enhance your home’s architectural features or add some visual texture with unique shapes and color combinations, modern technology and manufacturing techniques give you ample opportunities to put a present a fresh, attractive curb appeal on your home.
Here are a few ways that upgrade options can help you achieve your decorating goals and save some money on heating and cooling bills in the process.

1. Replace a fixed window with paired casement windows. Replacing a fixed window with a pair of energy-efficient casement windows provide you with a wealth of new design options. Configuring casement windows that are hinged on opposite sides and open from the center out, create a look very similar to French-styled hinged doors. Standard and custom grille patterns allow you to mimic architectural details. Want something more interesting? Consider patterned glass panels that let you add an artistic touch while enhancing privacy.

2. Geometric shapes provide a stunning focal point. Whether you want to tuck a full circle window under the eaves for visual interest, or you are looking to add a more appealing detail above your entrance, non-traditional shapes may be just what you are looking for to spruce up your curb appeal. It’s possible to replace small operable windows with fixed triangles, quarter-circles, hexagons or arched replacement windows. You aren’t limited to small shaped windows, but many people find that these options work well as a complimentary feature, or in combination with other window styles.

3. Create your own window collage. While creating a wall of multi-shaped windows most likely won’t appeal to every homeowner, some will find this option intriguing. Melding different shaped windows together to replace a large oversized picture window or an existing wall of glass will definitely help you create a distinct curb appeal. If you want to add some ventilation, simply flank your collage with rectangular shaped double-hung or casement replacement windows or add a row of small awning windows above your masterpiece.

4. Add a bay or bow replacement window. If you still have single-pane windows in your home, you are likely paying a lot more for heating and cooling bills than you have to. Updating single-pane home windows to double-paned, energy-efficient windows helps keep your conditioned air in and cold (or hot) air out. Whether you are replacing an outdated single-hung window or an old sliding window, you can switch styles easily with almost any custom-built replacement window style. Both bay and bow configurations are wonderful options for lower and upper floors. Bay windows have angular features and are usually built with a three-window configuration. But, you have the flexibility to mix things up as long as there are an equal number of windows on each side and a front-facing center window. Bow windows are slightly curved and may have four, five, six or more glass panels.

5. Get creative with color options. You don’t have to settle for plain-Jane white windows today. Since you are replacing current windows with modern replacement windows, you’ll have new frames and hardware. With an extensive color palette to choose from, you can select colors that match, contrast or complement your home’s exterior colors. Paintable interior components let you create different color schemes for the inside and outside of your home if you prefer, too.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows are the Solution for Drab & Boring

We’ve only touched the surface in this article when it comes to all the different ways you can make your home more beautiful with a little bit of creativity. High quality custom-built windows are constructed to precisely fit the opening left when we remove your existing windows. The good news is you don’t have to replace your boring windows with exact replicas to enjoy lower utility bills. Energy Star labeled windows ensure you will eliminate energy leaks that cost you lots of money over time, and they come in beautiful, long-lasting “packages” (frames and trim) to get rid of a bland curbside view.

Ready to talk about upgrading your Long Island home with high-performance replacement windows? Fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at your convenience. Our toll-free number is 1-877-313-9052.


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