Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window ExperienceLast year we published a 12-part series about navigating a successful replacement window project on Long Island, NY.The Four Pillars group of articles gave our neighbors an overview of the process from selecting frames and glass types to the installation process and helpful information about designing windows for your lifestyle.

This year, we’ve focused on the personal benefits of Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows – highlighting the importance of choosing hardware and accessories, offering seasonal decorating tips and pointing out financial considerations for homeowners in the community. You may have noticed a few key themes in our articles over the past few months – Economics, Environment and Efficiency.

Balancing the Three E’s when selecting replacement windows is essential for your overall satisfaction with your project. If you only focus on the costs associated with updating your home, you might miss opportunities to create value and added security for your family. By the same token, basing your decisions solely on aesthetic or decorative features won’t allow you to enjoy lower utility bills or take advantage of tax incentives.

If you’re curious about the start to finish replacement window journey, we invite you to review our 12-part series. Your friends and neighbors looking into home improvement products for their homes will likely appreciate you sharing this series with them too.

To help you understand how important balancing the three E’s is while shopping for new windows for your Long Island home, we’ve included links to a few of our helpful posts that highlight the relationship of these key elements. Just click on the link to read the full article.

E is for Environment

Green Seal Certified Replacement WindowsRenewal by Andersen of Long Island: Working Hard to Build Great Replacement Windows and Protect Our Neighbors and Neighborhoods

Wondering if our company shares your values and commitment to protect the planet? Learn more about corporate responsibility, our parent company and how we support your personal efforts to protect the environment.

Replacement Windows for Safety & Accessibility in Your Long Island Home

Replace Doors or Windows First on Long Island NYYour environment isn’t limited to what happens beyond your front door – your home environment is equally important to you. Click on the link above to learn how replacement windows help you create a safer home environment for everyone in your family.

Sunroom1Redecorating with Renewal by Anderson of Long Island Replacement Windows

While our design team works hard to make sure you don’t have to spend lots of time painting and resurfacing your replacement window frames and sash, we understand you might want to customize your interior once in a while – or as often as the seasons change. Find out how to update your paintable/stainable surfaces with this post.

E is for Economy

Cash or Finance Long Island Replacement WindowsHow to Finance Your Replacement Windows on Long Island, NY

Even though the purchase price of your replacement windows shouldn’t be the only thing you consider, we know you’re making a big financial decision. This article will help you decide if paying cash or financing your home improvement project is best for your budget and your long-term goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Island Replacement WindowsReplacement Windows Value for Your Long Island, New York Home

Want to know how much you can save by installing Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, New York replacement windows? Check out this post that discusses financial savings and those “non-cash” value-added features mentioned earlier.

Replacement Window Warranty WorthReplacement Window Warranties Protect Investment in Your Long Island Home

Think you have to pay extra for extended warranty protection? Think again. Find out about our 20/2/10 warranty that even covers your installation for two years – that’s twice as long as most competitor packages. Learn more about what differentiates our warranty from the others on the market.

E is for Efficiency

U-Value Renewal by Andersen Long IslandCheck the U-Value Before Buying Replacement Windows on Long Island

Stop comparing apples to bananas. If all the ratings, acronyms and industry jargon are making you want to pull your hair out, read this article that unravels the mystery behind energy efficiency ratings and performance.

Composite Fibrex Versus Vinyl Window FramesVinyl Replacement Windows vs Composite Windows

This last link shows you how Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, New York replacement window frames balance the three E’s. Our patented Fibrex frames are manufactured under the strictest environmental guidelines, allowing you to save time and money on upkeep and maintenance as compared to vinyl or wood frames and put you in control of your energy consumption.

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We’re proud to offer home improvement products that are affordable, beautiful and energy efficient. We know you might still have some questions about balancing the Three E’s to make wise decisions for your home. We’re here to help you get the most out of your investment.

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