Long Island Replacement Windows Energy Savings Curb AppealPrepare Now to Save on Summer AC and Winter Heating Bills

Updating your Long Island home’s dilapidated windows and sagging doors with energy-efficient, airtight Renewal by Andersen replacement options will certainly help you curb your utility expenses and make your home more comfortable. But, why stop there? Summer is an excellent time of year to rejuvenate and refresh your overall curb appeal.
Investing in a few simple upgrades will make your house the talk of the neighborhood and help you rediscover all the wonderful features that attracted you to your home in the first place.

1. Long Island Replacement Windows Update

It’s true. Modern replacement windows keep conditioned air from escaping your home and prevent moisture from sneaking inside. That means you have better control over the heating and cooling budget. But your window choices add more decorative and time saving features than many people realize.

Advanced window design and manufacturing technology provides virtually zero-maintenance home improvement options and dozens of custom grilles, glazing styles and color combinations that let you create a street-facing view that perfectly fits your home’s character and personality.

While you’re adding a bright, welcoming smile to your home, you’ll spend less time cleaning your windows with tilt-in designs that let you clean both surfaces from inside your home and factory-applied window coatings that eliminate up to 99 percent of water spots. Use that extra time and energy to further customize your windows with window planters, shutters or sun-blocking awnings.

2. Water Less, Smile More With Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Window boxes are an exceptional tool to add eye-catching details to showcase your new windows, but. Don’t stop there. Intentional landscaping lets you enjoy a full season of constantly changing colors and textures. Low-maintenance, heat resistant shrubs and flowering plants are a good choice for our area.

Tips for Small Gardens

Even small, metropolitan gardens and lawns can make a huge impact on your curb appeal. Here’s how:

  • Creating tiny focal points throughout your spaces is like giving passersby a surprise when they spot new foliage or blooms.
  • Thinking about a seating area under the shade tree? Opt for a bench with built-in seating that doubles as storage for your gardening tools and hoses.
  • Select a variety of herbaceous perennials for corners and odd-sized areas that are perfectly asymmetrical.
  • Choose miniature or dwarf shrubs to avoid having to worry about growth reaching overhangs and eaves.
  • Well-designed landscaping provides an inviting view and may also add privacy, reduce noise from wind and traffic and facilitate proper drainage.

Whether you decide to make a powerful visual statement or you prefer a minimalist appearance, design every detail and consider every inch of space. Visit your nearest nursery for recommendations if you aren’t sure which plants are right for your soil. You don’t have to invest a ton of money, but budget for a few surprise elements and splurge on materials, if necessary, to create the image you envision.

3. Pave the Way to a Beautiful Entrance

Incorporating intentional landscaping techniques into your curb-appeal makeover will complement your home’s personality and architectural features. Foliage that lines your drive can have a dramatic effect on the appearance, but your drive can also help you create stunning, visual appeal.

Long Island winter weather is hard on asphalt and concrete driveways. All that snow removal, salting and sanding can create cracks, chips and surface damage. Upgrading, or at least repairing, your drive is a good idea if you really want to transform the front-facing view of your home.

On Long Island, we typically see more asphalt driveways than pavers, but they are climbing in popularity. Some people avoid pavers because they are harder to shovel when we get heavy snowfall. But, pavers are remarkably durable and stand up well to our winter weather and de-icing chemicals. Besides the intriguing designs and color options, some homeowners appreciate knowing pavers are more eco-friendly than asphalt, fewer chemicals wind up the rivers, streams and other waterways.

Whether you choose stamped concrete, fanciful pavers or refresh your asphalt, think about updating your drive this summer, in preparation for winter. You’ll be glad you did.

It typically takes eight to 12 weeks to receive and install your new Renewal by Andersen replacement windows after you place an order. If you’ve already ordered your new home improvement products, take the next few weeks to think about how they’ll look installed. Layout a landscaping plan, inspect your driveway, and check your gutters and downspouts before winter hits.

Summer is a Terrific Time to Update Your Long Island Home with Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows and Patio Doors

Ready to get started on your late summer home improvement projects, but haven’t designed your Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows yet? Fill in the form on this page or give our window specialists a call at 1-877-313-9052. We ready to help you every step of the way.

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