Long Island Replacement Windows EnvironmentalRenewal by Andersen of Long Island wants our customers to know everything about the replacement windows and patio doors in our home improvement portfolio. Making sound investment decisions is very important and we strive to make it easy for our friends and neighbors to gather information that supports wise choices. We want you to fall in love with the way your home looks after the installation, and have confidence your investment will help you maintain a comfortable, energy-efficient home long into the future. But, if you’ve read any of our blog posts about comparing available products on the market, you know we also recommend you research the brand behind the windows.

This week we want to give you a better picture of our company and our industry relationships.

Corporate Partnerships: Values

“Sustainability is smart business . . . our ultimate goal is to not simply do less bad; it’s to do more good for people and the environment – now and in the future.”
Jay Lund, Andersen’s president and CEO

For more than a century, our parent company, Andersen Corp., has been leading the window industry with innovative home solutions. The 2014 corporate sustainability report emphasizes the enduring commitments, values and practices that exemplify a rich heritage of customer-centric solutions while focusing on creating new opportunities for future improvements. Improvements that protect our environment and the people we share our spaces with. Each year, Andersen releases the company goals and vision to inform the public what specific actions they plan to continue, or put in place, for continued success “building a better window for our world,”

These policies include things like signing the Ceres Climate Declaration.
The report highlights the ways Andersen plans to take steps to strengthen relationships and increase its ability to positively impact all stakeholders in the forest, internally throughout the organization, with customers and communities served. New goals reported include reducing manufacturing waste, energy consumption and water use by 20 percent (per production unit) by 2020.

Local Sustainability: Our Focus on Community

While we appreciate and value our corporate leadership, we have a responsibility to invest in sustainability and improvement locally, too. That is why we take measures to improve energy-efficiency in customer homes by offering a full line of ENERGY STAR certified replacement window choices custom-crafted with low-e glazing and Fibrex blended composite frames. These Fibrex window frames are constructed with new material and reclaimed wood from the factory floor, reducing our environmental impact while creating a superior, more stable, longer-lasting end product. Replacement window installation includes using best practices for disposing of waste after the job is completed. And, we continue to look for innovative solutions that reduce water and energy use.

The concept of replacement windows is in itself a strong sustainability ideal – less construction waste enters the landfill. Plus, upgrading your Long Island home with our new windows means less chemical impact on the environment because our frames never need resurfacing and repainting to prevent rot, flaking, peels or mildew. Our window and patio door glazing even has factory applied coatings that don’t require harsh cleansers.

Partners: Renewal by Andersen of Long Island and Our Customers

For more than three decades, our team has been serving Nassau County, Queens County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn and all Long Island communities. We make it our business to help our customers protect their investment and the environment. We live in the same communities, breathe the same air and drink the same water. Together we can create more beautiful views of our world.

While we are concerned about limiting our negative impact on the earth, we want to increase the positive benefits for consumers in the process. Our full line of window styles gives our customers opportunities to increase natural ventilation and sunlight in their interior spaces and enhance the appearance of their homes — both inside and out. Innovative manufacturing techniques and designs reduce the effort and time necessary to keep your windows clean and streak free – like the special tinting that repels water spots and our lift-out or tilt-in styles that enable cleaning interior and exterior surfaces from inside your home.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island: Replacement Windows for a Better View of our Little Corner of the World

We’re committed to helping homeowners on Long Island capture a better view of the world around them and create opportunities – windows — to a better world in the future. Are you concerned about how your home upgrade will impact the earth and your home’s carbon footprint? Do you have questions about updating your windows and patio doors? We invite you to fill in the short form on this page to request more information or give us a call at 1-877-313-9052.

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