Renewal by Andersen Long Island Truscreen Insect ScreenOn Long Island, insect screens are a critical part of any replacement window decision if you ever plan to open your windows in the summer. The high humidity of a Long Island summer following the unusually wet winter we had this year is likely to bring on the nasty flying, biting insects. Without the right screens, you could be inviting those critters into your home, or worse, be stuck with the windows shut and no air conditioning.

Whether you’re considering purchasing new replacement windows this year or are just considering upgrading the insect screens for your existing windows, following are some tips you should keep in mind before making any purchases.

Number One: What Belongs Outside Stays Outside

The goal of the insect screens in your windows is to keep insects out without blocking natural sunlight and airflow for ventilation. If you purchase operable Renewal by Andersen replacement windows for your Long Island home, replacement window insect screens are part of your package. Fixed windows don’t open to provide ventilation so screens aren’t necessary on fixed windows.

Number Two: Cleaning and Maintenance is Easy

Care and maintenance should be easy and hassle free. Before purchasing insect screens, consider easy they are to remove and replace. Renewal by Andersen replacement window screens are designed to be simple to remove and reinstall to ensure your routine cleaning and maintenance are hassle-free.

Routine care and maintenance help your insect screen perform better and last longer. Clean standard screens and TruScene insect screens with a soft cloth or sponge and a mild cleaning solution. A mild solution removes dust and dirt, smoke and light soils. To remove grease and “tough grime” a commercial cleanser such as Mr. Clean® or rubbing alcohol is more efficient.

The Renewal by Andersen cleaning and maintenance guide gives you more specific details about removing insect screens. Click on the link above; then select the window or door styles in your home for more information.

Number Three: All Window Screens are not Equal

Before you purchase insect screens, you should be aware that not all screens are created equal. Insect screens are made out of different materials, different weaves and come in different colors. Be sure to compare one screen to another to ensure you get one that meets your needs. If you have a lot of really tiny “no-see-ems” flying around, you want to be sure your insect screen weave is tight enough to keep them out. At the same time, you don’t want the weave to be so tight that you can’t see through your windows or that they obstruct air flow through your home. Renewal by Andersen’s standard insect screens keep the bugs out and allow you to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, our TruScene® insect screen gives you increased clarity — 50% more clarity. Plus, you enjoy more sunlight and ventilation with TruScene® technology.

Number Four: Screens Designed for Your Window Styles

Whether you choose standard replacement window insect screens or desire a clearer view with TruScene® insect screens, your window style determines whether the screens are installed inside or outside. Casement and awning windows open outward; therefore your screens are mounted inside your home. Window styles with operable sash that raise or lower for ventilation require exterior screen installation.

Number Five: Warranty Coverage

Like other non-glass and non-Fibrex window materials — such as hinges, weatherstripping and locks — Renewal by Andersen insect screens are protected by the Renewal by Andersen of Virginia and DC 20/2/10 warranty.

Screens are guaranteed to be free from factory defects in workmanship and materials for 10 years. If your screens fail to perform as described during the warranty coverage period, we will replace or repair the screens at our expense. Your coverage continues after remediation through the full term without interruption and at no cost to you whether we repair or replace your screens.

Protecting Your Assets

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice a beautiful view to protect your home from seasonal insects. Our insect screens don’t obstruct your view through open or closed windows. Our team of design professionals and our manufacturing team work hard to deliver superior home improvement products designed for beautiful function and optimal performance. You can help your insect screens perform better longer with proper care and maintenance. Routine cleaning and maintenance keep your screens performing well year after year, so you can continue to enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine throughout the seasons.

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