Tiny Details Add Up to a Big Impact in a Long Island Window Project

Are the old, dilapidated windows on your Long Island home a source of embarrassment? Do you cringe every time you pull into the drive because the paint and caulking surrounding your window panes is chipped and cracked from years enduring the harsh summer sun? Maybe it’s the peeling paint on your wood frames and trim work that makes your house look tired and worn out. If your home needs a face lift, Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows may be just the trick to take your home from bland and boring to bold and beautiful.

Establishing Prominence with Mullions & Grilles

When you’re replacing original wood windows because you’re tired of the annual maintenance to keep rot, mold and mildew at bay, you may want to keep the original look without the hassle. While one of the key advantages of replacement windows is the flexibility to add personal touches, some people don’t realize how dramatically the little things impact the overall appearance of your windows.

For example, let’s say you’re replacing a group of three street-facing windows. All three windows are rectangular. Although all three windows are the same height, the center window is slightly wider. Each unit features a six-over-one, true divided light design. This means the upper sash appears to contain six panes of equal size while the lower sash is a single sheet of glass. In the original configuration, the center window unit immediately draws the eye because even though the mullions establish the same number of panes, the viewing area is obviously larger in the middle window.

You could design replacement windows with the exact configuration, albeit with more efficient and durable Fibrex composite frames to virtually eliminate all maintenance. You get an updated appearance and free up your weekends to do something more enjoyable than scraping and painting wood frames and trim.

Custom Color Options with Replacement Windows

Modern grille patterns offer many design styles with different widths to accomplish your goals. Windows with simulated divided-light grilles feature permanently affixed exterior grilles, between the glass spacers and your choice of permanent or removable interiors. You can even choose the same color for both exterior and interior mullions, or opt for a dual color scheme so you can match your interior décor and exterior architectural details.

While you’re considering color, take a look at the way different grille patterns influence which window unit assumes a more prominent role. Going back to the example above, you’ll have a totally different visual effect if you install grilles in the sidelights in a four-over-one pattern. This makes it look like there is more glass in the sash because each “pane” is larger. You could go the other way, too, perhaps choosing a nine-over-one pattern that makes the center window appear even larger. When you have exterior colors, or interior colors for that matter, that contrast the dominate colors in your overall decorating theme, your windows will naturally draw attention. You make the choice whether to go bold and beautiful, or select colors that create a seamless integration with other architectural elements.

Standard and Stunning Window Designs

If you aren’t tied to building modern, low-maintenance home windows that closely mimic the original design, you’re free to omit grilles altogether or select from standard options like the Prairie pattern that frames an open viewing area with two vertical and two horizontal bars, creating small squares in each corner. Or, you may like the Farmhouse pattern that features a pair of vertical bars in the upper sash or portion of the window that meet a horizontal bar placed at the center. This creates a clear viewing area on the bottom portion of your replacement window for an unobstructed view.

By thinking out of the box, you can see where creativity and freedom to express your personal style is a key advantage if you’re trying to create an eye-popping focal point. A custom sunburst pattern for the transom above your entryway or a distinct grille design to accentuate your arched windows can truly make a positive first impression when people visit your home.

Focusing on the Little Things

We highlighted the grille options in this article, but sometimes it is the smaller things that make the most dramatic difference in the visual impact. Carefully choosing trim width, check rail styles, hardware finishes and insect screens can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of your home. When you want to create a stunning big picture, turn your focus to the tiny details that go into creating your high-performance, energy efficient windows. You’ll be amazed at the difference these little extra add. Every detail from selecting the right color to complement exterior colors and landscaping to choosing the correct shape and operational handles are all important to achieving a look you will be proud of for many years to come.

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