As part of Renewal by Andersen of Long Island’s Signature Service we take care of disposing of or recycling the home windows we replace because we love to do our part to protect the environment. For those of you with the DIY gene that love to take old things and turn them into new treasures, we thought you might like some ideas about how to use your old, wood windows when the replacement windows arrive.

Here are five ideas that are perfect for repurposing wood windows and most will work equally well with or without glass. Just one safety note: before re-using your old windows, make sure they don’t include lead paint, which can be hazardous to your health.

#1. Turn an Accent Window Into a Stunning Mantle Piece

Sidelites, with or without sashing strips and small accent windows make the perfect frame for artwork or photos displayed on the mantel. Some people like the peeling-paint-weathered-look while others prefer to strip the paint, apply wood putty to patch any holes and repaint with bold, eye-catching accent colors to brighten their rooms.

Alternatively, you could lean a pair of small window panels without the glass on opposite ends of the mantel to add a focal point or to complement other ornamental pieces.

#2. Convert Several Windows Into a Mini-Greenhouse for Your Garden

A glass house surrounding a special flowering plant presents a beautiful garden accent. If you want to try something a bit more like a proper greenhouse, we found these instructions you may want to check out. Google build a greenhouse with recycled windows and you’ll find several YouTube videos.

#3. Update the Kitchen Message Center

One of the cutest, and most useful, repurposing projects we found was a conversion to a kitchen chalkboard. So simple. Just tape off the glass panes or cover the frames with paper, spray with chalk paint, remove protective covers and enjoy!

We found several variations. One DIYer replaced some panes with cork-board and another one stenciled kitchen-themed designs on some glass instead of chalking all surfaces. Get creative and make this message board you own. Double-hung, awnings and sliders without muntins would work as well as multi-paned windows, let personal preference guide your decision.

#4. Create a Light Bouncer for the Entryway

Replacing glass sections with mirrors (or using adhesive-backed mirror tiles to attach to the glass) creates a unique mirror that will reflect natural light back into the room. And, every decorator will tell you that natural light puts the best face on our interior spaces.

#5. Design a Custom Headboard

Old windows can be reclaimed for use as a custom headboard. Designing a one-of-a-kind headboard could be as simple as removing the glass panes and attaching it to the wall or as elaborate as replacing the panes with hand-tufted fabric. Let your creative juices flow.

Get More Inspiration for Re-purposing Windows

If you know you want to re-purpose your existing windows, get inspiration from furniture catalogs, online searches and by visiting flea markets to see what others have done., a selling venue for crafters and DIYers like you, is a great place to start your research.

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