Long Island replacement windows and doorsRenewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows and patio doors can help you create an eye-popping entrance and personalize your home. A well designed entrance can add a touch of elegance, charm or whimsy to any house. If you’re thinking about updating your entrance points, these tips will ensure you’re making the “right” first impression.


Backyard Entrance: Ground Level

Replacing oversized floor-to-ceiling picture windows, or an aging, sagging metal patio door, with side by side patio doors configured to slide toward the center creates an opportunity to flood your indoor spaces with light, and doubles your entry points. To draw attention to your backyard entrance, use paving stones that match the color of your home exterior and plants with different shapes and heights to create visual interest. Keep in mind that custom-built replacement windows and doors are manufactured to precisely fit the opening left when your existing door or window is removed. Depending on current placement, some minor construction may be necessary to complete a successful conversion. Your personal window consultant can discuss options in depth during your initial home consultation.


Updating a Large Patio or Deck

Your back deck doesn’t have to be boring. With elegant French-style hinged patio doors or sleek sliders you can create any look and feel you want from elegant to contemporary. For large decks with wide steps directly in front of your entrance, consider using urns, planters and unique vessels to bring a pop of color and texture to showcase your entryway. Urns are available in a many materials including clay, metal, plaster, plastic and wood. Seasonal flowers and greenery allow you to mix things up as seasons change. Custom grille patterns for flanking windows and transoms can be used to complement your landscaping, too. You might mimic the lattice supporting your vining plants or consider an elongated sunburst that resembles the reeds or ornamental grass bordering your property.


Accentuating Your Front Door

While some of our Long Island neighbors choose to paint their front door with a vibrant, contrasting color to draw attention to their entrance, you can create a stunning focal point with sidelights, patterned glass transoms and grille patterns. An otherwise boring door takes on an intriguing appearance with patterned glass transoms and sidelights. If you prefer a clear, unobscured view, consider a quarter- or half-circle transom above the door and sidelights sans the grilles.


Getting the Most From Your Patio Doors

High-quality replacement patio doors allow you to create a stunning entrance from your backyard, deck or patio. If you’re thinking of selling your home, the way your property looks can make a huge impact on the perceived value. But, looks aren’t everything. You’ll want to make sure that your new patio doors are weather-tight, energy efficient and built to last for as long as you live in your home. You can have all the benefits of Energy-Star labeled replacement windows and patio doors and make a positive, memorable first impression.


Choosing the Right Replacement Products for Your Long Island Home

Making the right choices about window and patio door styles and colors puts you well on the way to showcasing your entryways. Remember that your landscaping, architectural details and other property features also influence the overall appearance and function of your home. There are many resources to inspire you to create your own personal vision. You could visit online sites like Houzz or Better Homes & Gardens to get landscaping tips and tricks. If you have a photograph of your home, check out our Renewal by Andersen visualizer tool that lets you upload a photo to get a better idea of how different styles will look installed in your home. You can also take a look at our inspiration gallery of past projects. Naturally, a professional window consultant can guide you with information about styles and performance based on your vision and your lifestyle.


Showcase Your Entryways with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Home Improvement Products

Whether you want your Long Island home to have an eye-popping entrance from the backyard or you are looking for unique sidelights to showcase your front door, we can help you achieve your dreams. Our personal window consults have the skill and expertise to guide you every step of the way from style and accessory choices to planning for the installation and understanding your warranty. Just fill in the short form on this page to request a brochure or give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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