Patio Doors are Key to Safety, Security, Comfort

Renewal by Andersen is a household name for the best replacement windows on the market, but did you realize our Patio Doors are just as exceptional? Utilizing the same tried-and-true manufacturing technology that has made Renewal by Andersen the premier name in replacement windows, our Patio Doors provide exceptional performance, beauty and durability. Below are some tips for you to keep in mind when you consider replacing the patio doors in your home.

Durability Can Be Even More Important in Replacement Doors than Replacement Windows

You probably operate your doors much more often than you open and close your windows (particularly if you have air conditioning), so smooth operation, security, weather-tightness and durability are even more important in your doors.

Proper Preparation is Critical

As in most things in construction, proper preparation of the opening is critical. Just like the structure of your entire house is dependent upon a proper foundation, proper framing of your door opening is critical to ensure the door will open and close smoothly and keep your home safe from the elements and unwanted intruders.

Plumb, Level & Square

You can’t fit a square door into a non-square opening. The side jambs of your rough opening must be plumb, or straight up and down, and parallel to each other to ensure your door opens and closes properly, keeps out drafts and the other weather elements and closes and locks securely. As important, your sill (the bottom of the door opening) and head jamb (the top) must be perfectly level from side to side and parallel to each other. Finally, all corners of the opening must be square and true to each other. A good way to check this is to measure from corner to corner of the opening from lower corner to top corner in both directions. These must be equal to each other to verify that the opening is square.

Patio Door Installation

After preparing the opening, installing your new door must be done carefully to ensure that it remains square and secure in the opening so that it operates properly. An improperly installed door may not latch easily, will swing open or closed without direction or simply and dangerously leak air or water into the home, damaging the structure, flooring, floor coverings and furnishings. Replacement doors must be properly installed, flashed and caulked to prevent any of these issues. Finally, the door must be solidly installed to remain secure and protect you and your family from intruders.

Proper Installation Requires Training & Experience

You can see that to ensure proper operation for a lifetime, it’s important to have your replacement patio doors are installed by properly trained and experienced installers. Ensuring your installer can remove your old door, or prepare a new opening properly and install the new door is critical to ensure your door doesn’t stick or leak and provides the proper security for you and your family. Renewal by Andersen Long Island installers are trained, certified and experienced in installing all types of entry and Patio Doors. They are skilled at removing all kinds of doors, plumbing and squaring the opening and installing your new Renewal by Andersen door.


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