At Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, we understand our friends and neighbors are looking for replacement windows that add value, comfort and beauty to their Long Island homes. While operable windows like double-hungs, sliders and casements add both beauty and ventilation, picture windows can add drama and style to an ordinary home.

When most people think of picture windows they often think of simple squares that don’t have any real advantages over other styles. After all, they don’t even open to let the cool evening breeze in after a hot, summer day. So, why should you take another look at this style? The simple design really has wonderful advantages in some settings.

Here are a few “hidden” benefits picture windows offer that you may have missed.

What You See at First Glance Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

We’ve seen some truly stunning home transformations that started with a picture window as the foundation. For one thing, they have the largest viewing area of any replacement window in any home-improvement portfolio, so you can showcase a spectacular view. And, they are flexible enough to combine with other styles to create a wall of windows, as part of welcoming front entrance design and for use as a center panel in an impressive bay configuration.

Long Island Views Cry Out for Picture Windows

The unassuming presence of a picture window is also the vehicle to meld interior and exterior spaces when you want to incorporate decorating schemes that literally bring extraordinary natural outdoor elements inside. Living on Long Island means we have some of the most beautiful natural foliage and wildlife on the eastern shore. It is a shame to relegate those wonderful assets to the outdoors when they could be enjoyed easily from inside your home.

Create Replacement Window Combinations That Work to Your Advantage

Picture replacement windows have the highest energy-efficiency ratings of any replacement style, providing they are built with Low-E, ENERGY STAR certified glass and framing materials that effectively manage heat transfer and solar heat gain. In areas where you want to improve ventilation with operable windows, the simple style won’t detract from low-profile, space saving sliders, flexible double-hungs or casement windows that provide you flexibility to control where the air comes in.

Flood Your Long Island Home with Natural Sunlight

Picture windows help homeowners keep their air conditioning and heating bills lower, but they do so much more. Studies confirm natural sunlight has many health benefits like uplifting your mood and helping you get a better night’s sleep by getting your daily dose of melatonin. Allowing natural sunlight to flow freely into your home means taking advantage of window placement options. For example, rooms with vaulted ceilings often have windows installed high on the wall. Why create safety hazards when you can install picture windows higher on the walls and attractive awning, hopper or other styles lower on the wall to support adequate ventilation? You can create beautiful spaces without compromising safety or convenience if you incorporate picture windows into the mix.

Blurring the Boundaries Between Indoors and Out

When you think of picture windows as large rectangular or square options that don’t have any personality, you miss opportunities to add smaller fixed windows to your home. Smaller windows serve as sidelights for entry doors and are often used in bay window configurations where you want to expand floor space and sunlight opportunities, but don’t need additional air circulation. Adding a bay window to your den or living area naturally creates room to add extra seating or storage. And don’t forget specialty picture windows like arches, trapezoids and hexagons. If you use fixed panes you gain freedom to rearrange furniture without having to worry about reaching the window. When your custom-built replacement windows are constructed with Fibrex frames you can have confidence the frames are strong enough to support over-sized picture windows and they will look as attractive as long as you live in your home as they did they day they were installed.

Get the Picture? Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows are Perfect for Your Long Island Home

Naturally, we would never suggest you replace every existing window in your Long Island area home with a fixed, inoperable picture window. But, if you’re ready to be inspired by all the advantages of adding a few picture windows to your home, we can help. Visit our gallery here or here to view some recent home upgrades and then give our professional replacement window consultants a call at 1-877-313-9052 to schedule an appointment in the comfort of your home. Or, fill in the short form on this page and let us know when it would be convenient for us to call you back to schedule a personal consultation. We’ll show you the beautiful patterned glass options, frame and trim color combinations and standard grille patterns available to help you create amazing replacement windows that complement your home’s architecture perfectly.


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