When your home’s windows are working properly, they don’t get much attention. They bring in natural light, keep outside elements outside and work day and night to keep your home comfortable and secure. When they start to age, it can be a daily chore to open and close them, keep the indoor temperature stable and don’t get us started on the way they drive up your energy bills. In the worst case scenario, when they start to rattle and leak, you may be wondering if the whole house is getting ready to collapse around you, prompting you to consider moving to get away from the problems.

Don’t put the FOR SALE sign in the yard just yet. This Renewal by Andersen of Long Island blog post will help you decide whether to restore or replace the existing windows in your home.

First, explore the pros and cons of window restoration vs replacement window installation.

Reasons to Restore Aging Windows

Many people recommend restoring old home windows, whenever possible, to improve energy efficiency because:

  • Doing so keeps landfill wastes to a minimum,
  • You preserve the original character of the home,
  • It could be less expensive than replacing every window in your home.

It may surprise you to learn that nearly every home window under 25 years old, even those with rotting wood frames, can be candidates for restoration – if you’re willing to pay the price and invest the time and energy necessary to find a skilled craftsman that will guarantee their work.

However, when it comes to maximizing natural light and eliminating routine maintenance, restoring a window that is older than 25 to 30 years old, won’t fix those issues. Unless you live in a historic district that prevents updating with modern windows it’s usually better to replace old windows than fix them.

Reasons to Install Replacement Windows

Depending on the severity of the window problems – mostly aesthetic issues or mostly performance issues, for example, homeowners may find it beneficial to replace some or all of the windows. Here’s why:

  • Repairing windows may be less expensive initially than purchasing replacement windows if you’re able to do some (or all) of the work yourself, but hiring a contractor for the work will increase costs, and how long it takes to recover the investment in savings on heating and air conditioning bills.
  • No amount of repair will lead to energy efficiency performance in a single-pane window that matches double-pane windows with between-the-glass gas fill.
  • Modern glazing options have added benefits, such as controlling light levels, reducing water spot formation and blocking harmful UV rays that prematurely age furnishings and artwork.

If you’re dealing with excessive condensation, windows that stick and hang, broken glass and frames that are beyond repair, replacement windows are generally a wise decision. And, if you aren’t trying to preserve the original aesthetic or design features, there is really no valid reason to invest a lot of money bringing new life into old windows if you’ll have to repeat the process in a few years.

Retain the Original Aesthetic or Design Something New

Energy Star certified replacement windows allow homeowners to enhance energy efficiency, take control of your heating and air conditioning budget, reduce noise transfer and improve safety and security for your family.

The advanced window technology available today makes it possible to replace existing windows with high-performance ones that retain the original aesthetic while adding value to your home. If you’re not worried about preserving historic features, replacement windows allow us to fabricate windows that add a more modern aesthetic for a new look and feel that doesn’t clash with your home’s overall architectural design.

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