Long Island Replacement Windows Repair or Replace?

Strange things blow in through my window on the wings of the night wind and I don’t worry about my destiny. –Carl Sandburg

Let’s face it. If you own a home, at some point you’ll have to replace or repair many things. Appliances, floor coverings, drapes – and, yes, even windows. If your windows fail or get damaged, you’ll have to decide whether to replace your window units or repair them.

The choice isn’t always simple. Here are some common window issues that homeowners in Long Island face.

Damaged Glass Panels

Probably the most common reason you might want to repair a window unit is a damaged window lite. If a baseball or other trajectory breaks through your glass, you definitely want a fast solution. A gaping hole makes it almost impossible to maintain a comfortable indoor climate – unless hot, muggy and insect-ridden describes your ideal environment – without spending more money on air conditioning. Damaged windows also create safety and security concerns.

If you have single-paned window, replacing the broken glass with a new sheet is relatively straightforward. If you’re particularly handy and take the right precautions, you might even be able to attempt the repair yourself. Of course, single-paned windows are by far the least efficient so now might be a good time to consider upgrading to more energy efficient insulated glass windows.

If you have insulated glass windows and a ball, tree branch or other projectile breaks either the exterior or both panes of glass, the repair will be a little more complicated because you’ll have to replace the entire insulated glass panel. You’ll likely have to call in a window repair expert to order a replacement from the original manufacturer. If your window is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer. They may send out an entire replacement sash (rather than just the glass) for your window.

A full-replacement window package with new trim, frames and glass is a better option if your frame has any damage such as rotting and sagging that causes the frame to be out-of-square. When you want to change the size and shape of your window, you’ll be happier with the results if you upgrade with a replacement window unit that includes advanced performance features built-in that save you money on repair and maintenance over the long-run.

Banishing the Fog

Maybe you don’t have a gaping hole that “lets strange things blow in with the night wind”, but you notice that your windows are foggy and condensation is becoming a constant problem, particularly in the winter. If you’ve done everything you can to get rid of excess moisture in your home like installing high performance exhaust fans in high-humidity locations like bathrooms and kitchens, the inner seals of your windows could be the culprit. In this case, you’ll likely have to replace the entire glass unit to correct the issues.

If your existing windows are more than 10 years old, most likely you will benefit from newer technology and energy-efficient glass, frames, weather stripping and sealants designed to keep the hot air outdoors in the summer and your conditioned air inside where you can enjoy it. You’ll pay more now, but save a bundle on power bills today and in the future.

Window Sash Woes and Frame Failures

When you notice your windows are harder to open and close or you notice air leaking around the edges of your window glass, there are some steps you can take before to try to delay replacing all of your home’s windows. You can thoroughly inspect your sash for obvious damage to the operational components – like the roller units. Sometimes finding replacement parts is challenging and finding a reputable contractor to repair trim or install a roller kit is even more difficult.

Replacing weather stripping and applying new sealants are often simple D-I-Y projects, but how long can you really expect cheap off-the-shelf weather stripping and caulking to last? True, you might buy some time, but eventually you’ll most likely be forced to replace your failing windows or live with higher power bills and annual repair chores.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows: Repair or Replace Help?

The advantage of completing a window upgrade with Renewal by Andersen replacement windows is that you are sure to get high-performance, energy-efficient windows designed, built and tested to be virtually airtight, block moisture, protect indoor assets against harmful UV rays and manage energy costs instead of settling for a quick fix that may cost you more down the line. And you get the security of working with one of the most trusted names in the window business: Andersen Windows.

We welcome the chance to give you will a free, no-obligation estimate for the cost of replacing one window or a whole house full. We’ll give you an honest assessment and explain why we think repair or replacement options are best for your situation. Reach us by completing the form on this page or call us toll-free at 1-877-313-9052 today for more information.

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