Part II: Replacement Windows

Renewal by Andersen double hung replacement windowIn our last post, we discussed the different choices you have when replacing your home’s windows. If you stop by your local home center window section, you’ll likely be dazzled by the dozens of different windows in many different styles and configurations.

You have many choices and in our last post we discussed what are often known as “New Construction Windows” or “Full Frame Replacement Windows”. In this post, we will discuss the features and benefits of “Replacement Windows” also known as “Insert Replacement Windows”.

Insert Replacement Windows

Insert Replacement Windows are a popular and practical choice for replacing your home’s existing windows. Because of the installation methods we’ll discuss in this post, Insert Replacement Windows take advantage of your existing windows’ framing without disturbing the finishes on the inside or outside of your home. For these reasons, many people choose to replace their old windows with what are commonly called Replacement Windows.

As their name implies, replacement windows are made specifically to replace existing windows in a home or building and they eliminate many of the complications and drawbacks associated with installing New Construction Windows in existing buildings.

Made to Order

One of the most practical benefits of Insert Replacement Windows is that they are custom-made to fit the existing openings in your home. You are not limited to the standard sizes on your home improvement center’s shelves or inventory. Your Insert Replacement Windows are made individually to fit each and every unique window opening in your home. If one window opening is ½ an inch smaller or larger than another, your new Insert Replacement Window will be built for that opening ½ an inch smaller or larger than the other.

Accurate Measurements are Critical

measuring for replacement windowsWhen your replacement window design consultant visits your home, they will take accurate measurements of every window to be replaced. They will measure the height, width and depth and inspect your existing windows to determine if they are good candidates for Insert Window Replacement. They will check out the condition of the existing windows and note any remedia

tion an installer may have to undertake to install your new windows.

Custom Made

Your windows will then be custom made for your home’s window opening back at the window manufacturing facility. Even the slightest variations between window sizes can be accommodated so you get the perfect sized window for your home.

replacement window installation

No Siding Issues

Insert Replacement Windows do not use nailing flanges like New Construction Windows, which eliminates the necessity to disturb your exis

ting siding or interior finishes. Insert Replacement Windows are installed into your existing window openings without disturbing the siding on the outside of your home or the wallboard on the inside of your home.

Removal of Old Windows

Insert Replacement Window Installers will remove your old window sashes (the moveable parts that contain the glass), cover the existing window frames with color-matched or contrasting low maintenance materials if necessary and install your new windows from the inside of your house. Your windows will be  secured to your home with strong screws through the frame of the window and into the structural framing of the house. These screws are then covered with decorative cover panels.

Simpler and Faster

Insert Replacement Window installation is much faster and disturbs less of your house than New Construction Window replacement. Your house remains cleaner (no spackling dust), and very little, if any, painting needs to be done, inside or out. Replacement window installations usually take less than one day, depending upon the number and complexity of the windows to be replaced.

Installer Experience Ensures Durability

No matter which type of window you have installed, New Construction or Insert Replacement Windows, the quality and experience of the installer is critical to the success of the installation and your ultimate satisfaction for years to come. Look for an installer who only installs windows and who does it every day. There are literally dozens of specific tasks that must be completed accurately to install a window perfectly so it lasts for many years to come. Remember, the most perfect window in the world will not keep you warm and dry in a winter storm, or cool and comfortable in a heat wave if it is not installed correctly to keep out the drafts and other inclement weather.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is your start-to-finish replacement window company on Long Island. We sell and install Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows and Patio Doors every day, so we have the skills and experience to make your new installation perfect every step of the way. For more information or a free design consultation, please contact us at 1-877-313-9052.

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