Straight Talk About Replacement Windows Shapes

Whether you are updating your home for aesthetic reasons or for higher energy efficiency, Renewal by Andersen of Long Island has a broad portfolio of window shapes and designs to capture your vision.

When it comes to installing replacement windows, we understand that you are making an investment, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for the budget. The shape of a window can add architectural intrigue and expand the line-of-sight while keeping the original appearance of the home. Here are just a few of the styles in our line of high-quality specialty window options.

Replacement Window Shapes Long Island NYCurves and Circles

Curved features in windows have a plethora of advantages and design benefits.

Curves soften the atmosphere in a room. You can get creative with shapes and sizes that capture the eye, and add interest and elegance to your interior and exterior decor.

Placing a circular window, like our full circle window, in a bathroom floods the area with natural light while keeping an intimate feel to the room.

Many people associate round windows with a nautical environment, making this style a favorite for homeowners living on the sound.

For a traditional Colonial look, position a large Chord Window or Circle Top Window above a double hung window.

The Renewal by Andersen Springline Window is a combination window that features a domed cap above straight lines on the bottom and sides.

Positioning quarter circle windows strategically gives you options like a “broken circle” or a fan-like option for a small area.



Keeping the Lines Clean and Straight

Straight lines don’t have to be boring or limit your freedom to express yourself. Choose from these classic and geometrical shapes to fit your space, preferences and architectural style.

  • Standard Triangle
  • Right Angle Triangle
  • Hexagon (six equal sides)
  • Pentagon (equal-sided)
  • Peaked Pentagon (three equal sides with a shallow upper peak)
  • Octagon (eight equal sides)
  • Trapezoid (four unequal sides)

TrapSome styles and shapes are operable. Others are called architectural or fixed styles, meaning you cannot open and close the windows for ventilation and airflow. When deciding whether to install a window in high humidity areas, such as a laundry room or bathroom, talk to a Renewal by Andersen representative about the best fit for the environment.

Adding Grilles

Replacement Window Grilles Long Island NYMaintaining architectural integrity and original design is important to some homeowners. For example, if you have a traditional Cape Cod style home, symmetry is essential to the original design. You can vary the look with custom grilles to transform your front-facing windows from bland to beautiful and simple to ornate.

Squares and Rectangles

TrapezoidHexagons, circulars, and trapezoid-shaped replacement windows work well with gables; they also complement large picture windows. Even if you choose to install traditional square or rectangular window, you can spice up the look with different glass patterns ranging from crystal clear to tinted or opaque.

Questions about Replacement Windows on Long Island?

Do you have questions about replacement windows for your home? Want more details about the glass clarity and energy efficiency ratings. Contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island today to discuss your home improvement needs. Our design consultants are available to help you explore the myriad options available. Just fill in the form on this page or give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 for more information.

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