Contemporary interior spaces are always evolving, continually changing to reflect the personalities and preferences of the people who inhabit them. Because this style is not constant, embracing replacing windows and patio doors with clean, sleek lines and textures that complement other interior elements is a wise decision for many Long Island homeowners.

Here are some Renewal by Andersen of Long Island tips for designing new windows and doors for your contemporary home.


Make Deliberate Window & Door Choices

Thoughtfully consider the functionality and appearance of each replacement window or patio door, and each individual element that goes into the construction of each unit. Contemporary décor naturally lends itself to bringing in more natural light with larger glass surfaces for an expanded viewing area.


  • Narrow frames
  • Basic hardware (hinges and handles) with crisp, straight lines
  • Uncomplicated textures and finishes that please the eye without overwhelming the senses
  • Configurations that promote natural light flow and connect interior and exterior living spaces

Realize Simple Does Not Mean Boring

Simplicity of design often creates a stunning focal point. Configurations that allow over-sized sliding patio doors may stand alone or become part of a wall of windows that almost invisibly frames a spectacular view. Unassuming levers and operational handles that melt into the background don’t compete with other decorating elements for attention. Simple, understated beauty is never boring.

Explore Replacement Window Styles & Accessories

Sliding windows, with low profiles and easy-care lift-out-to-clean panels are one of the most popular contemporary replacement window styles. Combining sliders with other window styles provides almost limitless possibilities. And, multiple configurations allow homeowners to choose whether they want windows to slide horizontally to the right, left or both.

People also choose fixed windows that offer an ultra low maintenance and easy-care solution to maximize home energy efficiency.

Specialty shapes that complement the contemporary decorating scheme include:

  1. Triangle
  2. Trapezoid
  3. Peak Pentagon
  4. Right-Triangle
  5. Octagon
  6. Custom and combination solutions

When adding grilles or choosing a style with check rails, remember to select straight lines and simple detailing. Even the recessed lock plate and extension wands for windows installed high on the wall should reflect a no-frills decorating approach whenever possible.

Final Thoughts about Replacement Windows & Contemporary Home Decor

Almost any replacement window style can work well in a modern home. Whether you choose sliding windows, awning windows or a low-profile corner window configuration, remember to keep things simple. Sliding patio doors are usually preferable to the elegant French-style hinged replacement patio door embellished with ornate grilles and hardware. Double-hung windows with a “squared” check rail are more appropriate than the same style with a curved check rail. Simplicity. Sleek. Clean. Lines.

Talk to your replacement window consultant about your vision. If you really love the casement style, but don’t like the wide-profile frame, it may be possible to order a narrower frame, depending on the size of the window unit. Be sure that the easy-grasp operating handle will complement your other interior design components before making a final decision.

In the end, your home should reflect your personal style and personality. Make sure the windows’ appearance and functionality is something that pleases you. Your new windows are built to look the same and perform as built for decades, so your intentional design is very important.

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