Most people we talk to on Long Island do not know that replacement windows, even within the same brand, are not always created equal. Some styles perform better in bathrooms or installed high on the wall. Some glass types perform better in different settings than others. So, when you’re comparing brands, styles and accessories, it’s best to ask questions before you design your new home windows. To get your research started, here are four problems Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows and patio doors solve for Long Island homeowners.

Problem #1: Unsightly Views Outside Windows

When the view outside your bathroom window is not the best or you want to protect your privacy, you may want to keep drapes or heavy curtains drawn all the time. But, rooms with high humidity, like bathrooms and kitchens, need natural light and adequate air flow to control mold colonies.

The replacement window solution may be a window with patterned glass that allows some natural light to flow through the window, while distorting that unsightly view from inside to out and outside to in. To get more natural light and some visibility outside, you might choose a double-hung window with patterned glass in the lower pane and a crystal clear glass in the upper sash. It’s also possible to install small operable windows attached to larger fixed windows, allowing ample air flow and light. No need for heavy curtains or drapery that may absorb moisture and attract airborne dust, debris and mold.

Problem #2: Excess Condensation on Windows

North facing windows are notorious for developing heavy condensation problems. The problem may be a leaking window unit, or you may have to lower the indoor humidity levels to completely eliminate condensation problems.

If you have windows that aren’t performing as expected due to age or damage, look for replacement windows built with superior weather stripping and Low E-Low-E4 glass solutions designed to take advantage of solar heat gain during cold weather months.

Problem #3: Sun Damage on Carpet & Upholstery

Most of us want to use a combination of artificial and natural light, but harsh UV rays can damage upholstery and prematurely age artwork and upholstery. Replacement windows and patio doors manufactured with glass that blocks harmful UV rays protects your assets, and keeps your carpet, upholstery and artwork from sun damage.

Problem #4: Boring Curb Appeal from Ugly Windows

Some architectural styles, like the colonial ranch, look authentic and stately with windows of the same style and size throughout. Other architectural style homes benefit from a touch of whimsy or something out of the ordinary to draw the eye.

When you want to transform a boring curb appeal to a big, beautiful, bold appearance, mixing and matching window styles may be just the trick.

Since you control all the design features on your Renewal by Andersen of Long Island windows you can choose a different style for each room (or even within rooms), get creative with configurations or choose a geometric shape window to express your home’s personality and complement its character.

What Does Your Vision Look Like?

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty and individuality for performance. Replacement windows and patio doors are built to precisely fit in the opening left when we remove the existing window or door, so the size will stay the same. But, you can choose whether you have operable or fixed windows, windows that don’t require any indoor space and which accessories will make your windows more function for you and your family.

Long Island Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Specialists Can Answer Your Questions

These four problems are among the most common issues we hear questions about. But if you have other questions, our Renewal by Andersen replacement window and patio door specialists can help. Just fill in the short form on this page or dial 1-877-313-9052 to talk to a Long Island neighborhood specialist today.



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