People who come to Renewal by Andersen of Long Island looking for replacement windows have different reasons for updating their home. As far as aesthetics go, many homeowners either want to make an older home look more modern (newer) or give a new home the touch of charm and character seen in older homes.

We never hear anyone say that they want their new windows to overpower existing architecture. Make a bold statement to draw attention to special features? Yes. Add windows that look awkward and out of place? No. Never.

We’ve all seen neighborhood homes where the owners installed white, clunky, vinyl replacement windows that ruined the overall appearance of the home. The good news is that you don’t have to compromise style or aesthetics for performance.

Designing replacement windows that don’t shout “Hey, my owners just invested in new home windows!” isn’t complicated.

Why Replacement Window Style Is So Important

Window styles play a vital role in shaping the overall appearance of a home. As an example, single and double hung windows bring a hint of old-world charm and character to almost any home, whether newly built or one that is more than one hundred years old. This window style works well with many different types of residential architecture because they neither have an extra-wide nor extra-thin frame. Double hung windows tend to blend in and complement the surrounding building envelope unless specifically accentuated with contrasting color, patterned glass or a unique grille layout.

Frame design dramatically influences appearance. When the Andersen Corporation (our parent company) introduced the first horizontal gliding window in 1940, it literally revolutionized the home window market. Early versions typically had a vinyl sheath surrounding a wood interior. This created a window unit with the strength of wood that would not rot, peel or flake with daily exposure to wind, rain and sunlight.

While the original sliding window required a wider width to accommodate the vinyl wrap, today, we have Fibrex composite frames that deliver an thin profile well suited for bedrooms, basements, living areas and recessed window applications.

Every window style offers its own unique advantages and challenges. A row of casement windows joined beneath a large fixed window presents a stunning display when open to capture a gentle breeze. Hopper windows, typically seen installed high on a basement wall, provide subtle decorative elements as they open inward.

Whether you want to draw attention to your upgrade, or simply want to refresh your home’s appearance, choosing a proper window style is the first, and perhaps, more important, step. You can get a better idea of what a particular style might look like in your home with computer-generated renderings using our 3-D App, or visit our inspiration gallery to see past projects.

Design, Accessorize, Enjoy

The first full replacement windows have only been around a few decades, but the evolution of home windows has been a process that covers thousands of years. With the introduction of a wide range of styles, glass types, beautiful hardware, custom grille patterns and color combinations, it is easy to create windows that look like they were part of the original construction, not put on as an after-thought.

Learn More About Modern, Energy Efficient Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows

Now that you know you control the appearance of modern replacement windows, we hope you’ll let us help you update your Long Island home. Getting started is easy. Just fill in the short form on this page or dial 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a free in-home window design consultation.


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