Many people on Long Island and the surrounding Burroughs, actively look for businesses that support the local economy. Whether you’re shopping small boutiques, mid-sized companies or regional specialty shops, supporting local business is great for the local economy — and it goes both ways.

Here are three ways you can tell if a replacement window brand supports the local economy.

Locally-Focused Window Brands

Which replacement windows you should buy if you want to support the economy depends on a few factors. For example, any purchase you make from an American-owned, American-operated business helps generate federal taxes, raise employment rates and circulate money through the national financial chain.

Businesses who buy supplies locally from an independent shop, like locals who support area business by buying locally, get money into the local economy cycle faster than businesses that order supplies online or from an out-of-state national warehouse.

So, look for brands that buy at least some of their supplies from independent local businesses. Businesses can examine their buying habits to see how much of their inventory, operating supplies and recurring purchases originate in the local community.

A locally-focused brand hires people in the community to staff their showrooms, schedule appointments, provide sales calls and consistently deliver and install high-quality products.

Competitive Collaboration

Okay. We admit that collaboration and competition are normally used to describe opposites. However, there are some niche industries (think — the craft beer movement) where business owners have come to realize it would be better to work together to claim a bigger piece of the pie than fight tooth-and-nail against competitors trying to claim the whole pie. It’s a way of thinking that says, when you lead the drive to improve industry standards and shape the market place, customers benefit and businesses benefit.

Competitive collaboration is the reason our parent company the Andersen Corporation continues to use forward-thinking design strategies that minimize natural resource depletion and improve home window safety standards. If every replacement window dealer on the Island (and around the nation) sold only high-quality home improvement products that reduced manufacturing waste while improving product durability, our economy would dramatically improve because municipalities could reduce waste management costs.

Growth for Customer Needs

Businesses shape the community, and the community shapes business. Business leaders who invest time and money finding out what the people in their community need, invest wisely, and reap the rewards.

Replacement window companies that explore interdependent options designed to enrich the local community, position themselves to grow with their customers as the community evolves. Look for a replacement window company that adds new frame colors, textures or materials based on customer requests and proves it is listening.

So, which replacement window brand should you buy to support the economy? One that:

  • Listens to customers, updating service and product lines when necessary, and
  • Invests in local businesses, buying locally whenever possible, and
  • Leads the way toward a collaborative market place where competitors becoming partners in shaping a better business environment for everyone.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Supports Our Local Economy

Over the past 30+ years, Renewal by Andersen of Long Island team members have learned that building relationships it the key to growing a healthy business. We value our customers. By listening closely to feedback, we learned where we did a great job, and also where we could have done better. We invite you to learn more about our constantly evolving line of eco-friendly replacement windows and patio doors today.

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