For most homeowners on Long Island who have a long wish list of home improvement projects, deciding where to start is challenging. Do you first replace the windows with modern, energy-efficient windows to banish the cold drafts that plague your family every winter? Do you update the kitchen appliances first? Modernize your heating and cooling systems? Perhaps you want to do everything, including replacing existing windows. The truth is most of us don’t have an endless supply of money to do everything on our wish list at the same time. Finding upgrades that give you the highest return on time and investment are important. At Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, we understand your concerns so we’ve put together some facts that might help you evaluate whether replacement windows are a high-value project to tackle now.

Financial Value vs Enhanced Comfort

While updating appliances, or installing luxury items like saunas and whirlpools may add to your overall comfort, they may not be as wise as completing your replacement window project first. Beyond improving your home’s market value, replacement windows enhance indoor comfort, and can potentially reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills, both things you can enjoy today if you aren’t looking to sell your home in the next few years. When you consider tilt-in-to-clean and lift-out styles that make cleaning your windows easier, and no-maintenance Fibrex frames that never require annual maintenance to maintain their beauty and performance, you add intrinsic (non-financial) value. It’s hard to put a dollar figure on these benefits, but they definitely add value to your life.

Cost versus value studies show that the cost of home improvement projects rose in 2016 and the average return on investment was around 60%, but replacement window ROI typically ranged in the 70% to 80% range. The return is naturally higher if you choose high-quality windows with an exceptional warranty and a proven track record supported by outside studies. Real estate agents in our area claim some homeowners see even higher returns, when the overall condition of the home is considered “move-in-ready” and modernized for energy efficiency. Although it is difficult to recover 100% of your investment with a single upgrade, some projects bring higher returns. For example, updating your entry doors with top-of-the-line doors could get you pretty close to full return while adding a modest sun room would only return slightly more than $500 on average.

Tips for Maximizing Replacement Windows ROI

There are some ways to make sure you get the highest return on your investment in replacement windows.

For one thing, make sure you choose your window styles based on lot orientation and the purpose of each room. Different styles look and perform better with different architectural home styles. So whether you prefer the look and functionality of a popular double-hung, or you want to invest slightly more in casement windows which offer superior protection against drafts and leaks, consider how the surrounding landscaping and other structures will affect performance. Direct sunlight can be a benefit, or may mean you need glazing with factory applied technology to reduce the amount of light your window units allow in. Buying a cheaper window style won’t necessarily mean you are getting the highest value. Single-hung windows are a great option when you only want to raise the lower sash for ventilation (and may be slightly less expensive than double-hung windows which have two operable sashes), but they are sometimes harder to clean. You need to consider comfort, convenience, safety and financial investment to fully assess the overall value of replacement window.

Replacement Window Shopping Tips:

Tip #1. Choose a best-fit window style for every room

Tip #2. Remember exterior structures can impact energy-efficient performance

Tip #3. Build your replacement windows with state-of-the art framing materials and glazing options that enhance energy-efficiency

Tip #4. Work with a company that offers a full-coverage warranty of both materials and installation and proof their products perform as described

View Savings Through a Realistic Lens estimates homeowners can reduce heat loss by as much as 20% with upgrades designed to control heat transfer efficiently. But, anyone who tells you that your modern, high-performance replacement windows will pay for themselves in a year is not being truthful – unless perhaps you are living in a home without any glass in the window hole right now. You should realize ongoing savings when you install double-pane, gas-filled windows to replace single-pane windows.

Updating with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island: Creating Higher Value with Replacement Windows

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