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by Gina on Nov 18 2018 02:37

The salesman Phil E is awesome, down to earth guy. We called him back to finish the remaining windows. We had the Enrique Crew back today to finish 6 remaining windows. We had 8 windows done by the Enrique Crew in May and decided to finish the rest today. They were once again outstanding. The windows are beautiful and the installation and craftsmanship is beautiful. The Enrique crew really ensure to cover all the floors and the furniture before installation. They are the best. The windows are beautiful quality. The men work extremely hard all day non stop to installing and paying close attention to the job that needs to be completed. Thank you to the Enrique crew. You guys are the best. The windows perform well and glad we decided to complete the rest of the windows.

by reviewer20442214 on Mar 2 2017 16:22

I am very satisfied with the quality of work, professionalism of techs and the level of communication that Anderson maintains with their manufacturer. For their services rendered to me I would give them a 10, due to the complexity of the situation and the expedient resolution of the matter by Anderson of Long Island. AMN

by Eve B on Dec 20 2016 17:22

Everything came out fine and the window looks nice. The installers left everything so spotless! We are very happy.

by Maria C on Dec 18 2016 17:26

Fantastic! Everyone was so great. We will be ordering more windows soon and we want the same installers!

by Will Y on Dec 17 2016 17:35

It was a good experience. We had talked with the salesman about getting half screens but instead we got full size screens by mistake. Really, other than that it was the best experience ever. The guys were really great, very neat and efficient, and they really paid attention to detail.

by Richard G on Dec 16 2016 17:29

Superb, perfect right from the beginning, to prep and to install. The cleanup was excellent. First-rate all around.

by Barbara S on Nov 28 2016 16:21

Very impressed with product! Installers were courteous, very thorough and top grade. They were such wonderful workers.

by Veronica L on Nov 23 2016 16:59

Excellent job! I admire their professionalism. Good work, they really did an excellent job. I'm very happy.

by Jim H on Nov 14 2016 16:13

Very good, amazed, thrilled about the cleanup. Oscar and his team were excellent. The were very professional, communicated well with everything they were doing... Windows look great

by Walter B on Nov 14 2016 16:02

Good, beautiful! Environmentally changing already... it really surprised me already that there is such a change in temperature in the house. Normally we used to have to blast the heat - so I'm very happy!
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