Routine Care & Cleaning Routines to Keep Your Replacement Windows & Patio Doors Beautiful

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island customers come to us with high expectations that our replacement windows will boost the energy-efficiency and enhance the comfort in their homes. We strive to make sure every detail — from the glass choices to the exclusive hardware finishes — reflects our commitment to excellence, starting with the design and manufacturing techniques used in the factory. We ensure every window unit is precision built to make sure your windows stay beautiful and offer superior performance throughout the years you live in your home.

The following routine care and maintenance tips will help you keep your windows working perfectly and looking as attractive as the day they were installed.

Protecting Your Window Glass

Before shipping your new replacement windows from the factory, a special protective film is applied to glass panels in each window unit or patio door. This film keeps dust and debris from damaging the glazing en route to your home, and during the installation process. It is important to remove the protective film from both interior and exterior surfaces within nine months after installation.

If your installers didn’t do it for you, you can use a plastic scraper to gently lift the edge of the plastic and then pull back the film. Never use a pocket knife, metal object or sharp tool, as this may scratch your glass or permanently affixed coatings. And, while we are talking about protective film, never apply any specialty film to your Renewal by Andersen replacement window glass without first consulting your window specialists. These modifications could void your warranty and possibly reduce your energy-efficiency.

Cleaning Your High-Performance Replacement Windows & Patio Doors

Special coatings applied at the factory make it easy to control water spots on your new glass. In fact, when activated by natural sunlight, the special titanium dioxide coating on the glass eliminates up to 99% of all exterior water spots, so you’ll spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying the view.

When you do clean your windows follow these guidelines:

  • Remove detachable grilles and screens first.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals, abrasives and acidic solutions.
  • Use a clean, soft cloth and mild soap and water solution. If you prefer, you can use a vinegar and water mix or your favorite eco-friendly cleaner as long as there is no grit that may damage your window glass and frames.
  • Starting at the top of your window, apply cleaning solution with a lint-free cloth in a circular motion, and rinse immediately with clean water. Use a squeegee to remove residual water.
  • Never spray your TruScene insect screens, grilles or Fibrex frames with a water hose. Instead, brush your TruScene insect screens with a feather duster and wipe down other non-glass window parts with a damp cloth. Watch this short video clip for more details about removing and cleaning screens, and this one that shows you how to take care of your detachable grilles.
  • Clean patio door and sliding replacement window tracks using a soft bristle brush and a vacuum crevice tool. A static feather duster is also great for collecting dust, dirt or debris that may impede smooth, effortless operation.

Periodic Inspection

Proper cleaning keeps your windows operating smoothly and looking fabulous. Whether you clean every month or only once every two or three months, make sure to check your window parts at least twice a year. Allowing dirt and debris to build up in the tracks of your sliding windows could cause damage. And, if you open your casement windows on a very windy day, leaves and other “natural trash” could get trapped against your weather-stripping. During these inspections, check all movable parts, seals, frames, grilles, glass and weather-stripping. If you see a problem, or notice you are having problems opening and closing any of your windows, contact your Renewal by Andersen representative immediately.

Did We Answer All Your Questions About Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Routine Care & Maintenance?

Low-maintenance, high-performance replacement windows are designed to give you decades of service – without requiring a huge time investment. Looking for answers to questions we didn’t cover in this blog post? Have you been thinking about updating with modern replacement windows, but aren’t sure which styles are easiest to take care of? Get answers to all your questions today. Reach a Renewal by Andersen replacement window specialist by filling in the short form on this page or calling 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a personal no-obligation home consultation.


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