Let’s talk about home security and replacement windows for your Long Island home. First the good news. Studies suggest cloud-based security and alarm systems discourage would-be invaders from attempting home burglaries. Burglaries – and other major crimes – have fallen dramatically in our area in recent years. Long Island law enforcement agencies credit advanced technology and community outreach as two of the primary drivers for the 25% drop in serious crime events in Nassau County and a 22% drop in Suffolk County between 2012 and 2017.

While this is definitely encouraging news for our Renewal by Andersen of Long Island friends and family, we could probably all do more to reduce neighborhood crime, starting with examining our homes for anything that might make them look vulnerable and unprotected.

Are Your Windows & Doors Making Home Invasion Easy?

Criminals admit that they look for targets without security systems, and prefer entry through a back door or window hidden from the street and watchful neighbors. One study designed to capture the criminals’ perspectives, motivations and methods, found that the preferred entry is breaking a window, or forcing a window or door open:

  • 24% broke a home window
  • 15% forced/pried a window open
  • 21% forced back door open
  • 15% forced front door open
  • 10% entered through an open window or door

What Can You Do to Improve Security in Your Long Island Home?

Studies suggest that installing (or activating) a home security system goes a long way toward deterring would-be invaders from targeting a particular house. Keep windows closed and locked when you are sleeping or away from your residence. And, follow these guidelines from home security experts.

  1. Install cameras at rear windows and doors. Place video monitors out-of-reach so they cannot be easily covered or broken.
  2. Activate a monitored/wireless alarm system.
  3. Position front door monitors in a protective case that protects it from damage – a wire cage, a metal box with a viewfinder hole or other protective shield.
  4. Look for ways to secure basement and garage areas with motion sensors, alarms and video equipment.
  5. Replace broken or aging windows with modern replacement windows designed for energy-efficiency and integrity. Strong, high-performance windows are your first line of defense against would-be invaders and unwelcome guests.
  6. Leave at least one light on inside, but close window treatments, so outsiders cannot get a look at your electronics, jewelry and other valuables. Patterned glass is a beautiful way to obscure the view, without blocking all light transfer.
  7. When choosing security and surveillance equipment look for features that include tamper alerts, night-vision recording, zoom capabilities and cloud storage.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Security Enhancements

Armed with this information, homeowners concerned about enhancing security may want to install replacement windows and patio doors with multi-point locking systems that create air-tight seals against the weather, and make it more difficult to force open fixtures quickly and quietly, without drawing unwanted attention of neighbors.

Choosing reinforced, heat-treated glass – which is up to four times stronger than traditional glass panels – for side and rear windows.

It is important to remember that motion sensors and other technology should never be glued, nailed or otherwise directly attached to your replacement window glass or Fibrex components, doing so could void all or part of Renewal by Andersen’s 20/2/10 warranty plan.

Talk to a Renewal by Andersen replacement window specialist today to learn more about the built-in security features, and optional locks and accessories available, for our full line of window styles and patio doors. Just fill in the short form on this page, or call 1-877-313-9052.


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