Replacing aging, dilapidated home windows is often a valuable investment for Long Island homeowners. Energy Star certified replacement windows can significantly reduce heat loss (or heat gain) through a window, resulting in substantial savings on heating and cooling bills. Replacing windows and patio doors with new Renewal by Andersen of Long Island products can also help boost its market value before a home sale.

A full-home replacement window project can be a large investment, so it pays to get all the information available – comparing features, warranties and subtleties among brands – before you sign on the dotted line.

Here’s what you need to know to make smart investment decisions, and make your home more attractive and comfortable this summer.

Seasonal Considerations for Installing Replacement Windows

The best time of year to plan a full-home replacement window project is a time when it is the most convenient for you and your family. Early summer is an excellent time. It is neither too hot nor too cold, and each room where an area will be temporarily exposed to the elements won’t dramatically reduce the overall comfort level in other rooms. Installation crews only work on one room at a time, so you can go about all normal activities throughout the home except in the room, or rooms, being renovated. Plus, at this time of year, you’re usually spending more time outdoors anyway.

Replacement Window Energy Efficiency Features

You may want to buy replacement windows of the same design and style as your existing home windows or you may want to change designs and styles. Keep in mind that the issues you’re having with your current windows; the ones that make you want to invest in modern, high performance replacement windows, may eventually develop if you simply choose the same brand and style again.

To ensure you’re making a wise investment decision, consider the energy-performance metrics of individual style and window brand you may be considering. Check out the U-factor, visible light transmittance ratio, heat transfer ratings, and light to solar gain numbers. Keep in mind that glass type, frame materials, air or gas fill between double-pane windows and other features directly impact energy efficiency and insulating performance. You can visit or the National Fenestration Ratings Council websites to get specific information about the best replacement windows for your neighborhood based on the environment and structures surrounding your home.

Ongoing Maintenance Cost of Your New Windows

One very important topic to discuss with your replacement window representatives is the maintenance and upkeep requirements. One of the reasons we only recommend Fibrex composite window frames is that it is fully guaranteed never to flake, pit, peel, rot, develop mildew, sag, gap or otherwise age prematurely – all without extensive maintenance or cleaning routines. Most homeowners simply inspect and clean their Fibrex-framed windows two or three times a year, and they keep performing year after year without any maintenance or investment other than a mild cleaning solution and some lint-free cloths for the window glass.

Your Aesthetics & Personal Window Preferences

One of the many benefits of choosing custom-crafted replacement windows and patio doors is the flexibility to choose colors, hardware finishes, and other elements and accessories that reflect your home’s unique character and style.

Each brand offers their own signature features, so take time to explore the purely aesthetic details, including:

  • Interior and exterior colors and finishes
  • Standard and exclusive hardware lines
  • Insect screen options
  • Custom and standard grilles layouts
  • Specialty/pattern glass
  • Window seat elements for bay and bow windows

Now’s the Time to Contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island for Your New Replacement Windows

If you’re a Long Island homeowner who is ready to update your home with high-quality, high-performance replacement windows or patio doors, you deserve straight answers from a neighborhood window dealer and installer. Fill in the short form on this page to request a brochure or dial 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a private consultation with a professional Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window specialist today.



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