Long Island replacement window S FactorAt Renewal by Andersen of Long Island we’re committed to helping you consider everything about upgrading and replacing your home’s windows: from finances and comfort to style and energy-efficiency ratings — and everything in between.

This week we’d like to discuss three important topics for everyone. We call them the three “S” factors – Style, Sensibility and Safety. Let’s start with Sensibility.

Cents & Sensibility in Long Island Replacement Windows

Everybody wants the most value for their investment. But, what exactly does that mean? Value should be consistent, but each person puts more emphasis on one area than another. To some, value may be the monetary returns you get when you sell your home. For others, value is the warm, fuzzy feeling they get every time they turn into the drive and the home looks inviting and fresh. Yet others may want to save money on utility bills or spend less time repairing and painting the trim work every year. Still others highly value a strong warranty as this will protect their investment over time. These are all valid measurements of value and while each of us may want all of the above, there are certainly areas that are more important to you than they might be to your neighbor.

We know that savvy consumers do their research long before they pick up the phone to schedule an in-home consultation. If you have concerns, we want to hear about them right away. This will help us understand what you value most. It’s our goal to answer your questions realistically so you can accurately compare other products and companies in our area.

One of the best ways to compare replacement windows and patio doors is by comparing industry standards and ratings from third-party organizations like the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) that measures performance based on the overall window design and building materials. ENERGY STAR certified product labels provide information about energy-efficiency and environmental impact based upon NFRC ratings.

So, whether you want to buy products made by a company with cradle-to-cradle manufacturing processes or you’re more interested in replacing poor performing windows that suck conditioned air out of your home, we can help. We’re proud of our products and we’ll gladly share independent ratings information with you. In fact, we encourage you to shop around for the best value.

Enhancing Security in Your Home: The Replacement Window Role

Safety is an important topic on every Long Islander’s mind, even if you aren’t actively discussing it with your Suffolk County or Nassau County neighbors every day. Think about it. You lock your exterior doors when you leave, use passwords and identity theft protection to keep your data safe, and if you have young children in the house, it’s likely you store chemicals and medications away from the reach of inquisitive hands.

Window choices also impact safety in your home. No matter what window you eventually purchase, ensure that they locking mechanisms are strong and easy to use. A lock that’s difficult to operate is less likely to be utilized as you run out the door. The same goes for opening and closing. If your windows open and close easily, you’ll be more likely to use them, and close them when you leave the house. In this instance, style matters. Awning and casement replacement windows that have an easy-grasp operational lever positioned at the bottom of the window are often considered easier to operate than double-hung windows installed near the ceiling.

Accessories and design features help you proactively manage home safety. Here are three examples.

  • Extension rods allow you to open high windows with climbing a ladder, even when you have an exceptionally high ceiling height.
  • Recessed locks and optional foot pedal locks for patio doors are protection against unwanted intruders entering your home while you are away or sleeping.
  • Child guards prevent the window from opening far enough for an unattended child to slip through.

Stylish Home Improvement Products

When we talk to our customers about style, we’re typically discussing the operational function – does the window open – and if so, how. Our portfolio of window and patio door styles includes:

  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Hopper
  • Double-hung
  • Fixed, inoperable windows – sometimes call plate glass or picture windows
  • Sliders – sometimes called gliders
  • Both sliding and hinged patio doors

Word choice doesn’t have to limit your options, though. We understand that creating an inviting, stylish home is also about decorating and color choices.

As you consider different styles of replacement windows, think about how the shape and size will match your architecture. What kind of drapery or curtains do you prefer? How about finishes? Finishes on latches, levers and hinges can add to an overall design scheme or create visual havoc if you don’t consider the big picture.

Creating a stylish home that’s visually attractive means paying attention to the details, like:

  • Opting for paintable interiors that let you precisely match existing trim, baseboards and built-ins.
  • Choosing colors that enhance your exterior and interior features.
  • Selecting appropriate finishes for color and texture (i.e. choose a brushed metal over a bold white or flat metal finish
  • Deciding whether to use standard grille patterns, design your own for a unique presentation or go bare.
  • Taking time to consider standard and custom configurations.

Custom configurations allow homeowners to control energy use better and ensure proper ventilation, as well as install truly beautiful, unique windows in your Long Island home. As an example, you might opt to install a hopper above a picture window. The upper portion allows ample air circulation while you get the benefit of the most energy efficient replacement window style available on the lower portion. And your design selections enable you to be creative so you can achieve your decorative and visual goals, too.

Long Island Replacement Window & Patio Door ‘S’ Factors: Safe, Stylish & Sensible Home Improvement

If you have special safety concerns, talk to a Renewal by Andersen of Long Island design consultant about creating the best-fit replacement windows and patio doors for your family. If you’re planning to install a home security system, be sure to ask about changes that may impact your warranty coverage. And, if you’re ready to schedule a personal consultation, fill in the short form on this page or call 1-877-313-9052.

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