Long Islanders who watch home renovation shows often look forward to seeing dramatic transformations of the kitchen, bath or master bedroom. It is unfortunately rare for these shows to spend an entire hour talking about roof replacement, window and door upgrades or home siding options. But, while these might not be the “sexy” remodeling projects, they can deliver the most bang for your buck. Getting back to the basics is one way to ensure your Long Island home is always comfortable and protects your family year-round.

This Renewal by Andersen of Long Island post is all about planning a replacement window project with a no-regrets outcome – one you will be happy with for decades after the installation.

Start With Maintenance Considerations

Everyone can probably agree a house that is low-maintenance is more valuable than one that requires a boatload of cash and hours every weekend to keep the home habitable. People who are thinking they may be selling their home in a few years may want to invest the time and money now to update their building structures with low-maintenance basics – modern replacement windows and patio doors, an energy-efficient HVAC system, a roofing system designed for longevity, etc.

Goal #1: Make sure potential buyers will find your home appealing – well maintained and easy to care for going forward – with zero to low-maintenance systems and structural elements.

Move On To the Street View

Functionality is closely followed by appearance. Modern replacement windows should perform perfectly AND look beautiful. The street view is not only important for appealing to potential buyers, a welcoming facade will make you smile every time you return home from work, vacation or the daily errands.

You may have already identified windows that need to be replaced in your home for one reason or another. Maybe the sliders don’t slide anymore, or the double-hungs don’t stay up (or you can’t get them up) and others are leaking more air than they are blocking. On the one hand, don’t assume you have to replace every window in your home just because a few are bad, or, on the other, or that you can get by with a little caulk and duct tape either. Our happiest customers are the ones who make wise decisions about repair or replacement based on the actual condition of the windows, and not a lot of hype from an unscrupulous dealer, or a desire to find the cheapest option – this more often than not means redoing the job in a few years.

Consult a replacement window professional to help you realistically evaluate each window to determine which ones can be repaired and which ones need to be retired.

Goal #2: Create beautiful curb appeal by choosing colors, hardware finishes and optional accessories that accentuate the positive architectural features of your home and complement your landscaping and outdoor spaces.

Avoid the Urge to Settle

One regrettable error some people make during the replacement window design stage is deciding to settle for standard features when they really want the optional upgrades. Go ahead, invest in the custom grille pattern you want. Order the elegant hardware. Choose the TruScene insect screen that blocks not only the tiniest no-see-ums, but filters out pollen, dust and airborne particles, too.

This is a lifetime investment; make sure you get what you want now. Settling for less means every time you look at your new windows you will wish you had made different choices.

Goal #3: Bring your vision to life.

Get Back to Basics with Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows & Patio Doors for Your Long Island Home

Ready to get started planning your own no-regrets replacement window projects? We’re happy to help our Long Island friends and neighbors explore their solutions. Just fill in the short form to request or dial 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a private, no-obligation consultation with a Renewal by Andersen of Long Island specialist in your neighborhood.



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