There’s only one house exactly like your Long Island home. Other houses may have similar architectural characteristics and features, but the truth is, after decades of helping area homeowners update their homes with replacement windows and patio doors, Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is more convinced than ever, no two homes are exactly alike. We’re also convinced that customized home improvement products are the best way to enhance energy the efficiency and beauty of your home.

This post is the first in a five-part series that helps homeowners who have decided now is the time to replace their home’s windows to walk through the process from window and patio door design to installation day.

How Do You Prepare for Replacement Window Installation Day?

Here are three steps you should take before installation day.

#1. Do Your Research

For most people, preparation starts with some self-guided research before they make direct contact with a replacement window brand. Research may include:

  • Downloading brochures to learn more about the different window dealers offerings
  • Asking friends and relatives for recommendations
  • Get an up-close look at available home improvement products by visiting a showroom
  • Reading online reviews and forum posts
  • Experimenting with 3D Visualizer Apps that let you see what different styles and shapes will look like in your home

Many Suffolk County and Nassau County residents have a list of reasons why they’ve decided to make the investment in replacement windows, and have a general idea of which basic styles and accessories will help them reach their goals before they make contact with a replacement window dealer. Others may need a little more guidance and education to help them decide which styles and accessories are best for their home.

#2. Make Contact

Whether you are in the first group, or the second, you’ll want to schedule an in-home consultation at least four to six weeks before you want the installation process completed. Delivery times vary based on how many area jobs are already in queue, and the volume of orders in our factory already in process when you place your order. Talk to your Renewal by Andersen of Long Island representative if you have a special circumstances that may impact installation schedules.

Before you make that call, talk to property co-owners. It is necessary for both spouses (if a couple owns the home) be present during the in-home consultation. Why? Because personal visions don’t always align perfectly, and it is wise to get input from all owners. Also, there are legal and financial considerations – shared ownership means shared commitment and responsibility. It’s a respect thing. When you have a few possible dates and times nailed down – make the call to schedule a meeting.

#3. Design Your New Windows

Our professional design consultant will listens to your goals and create a plan to bring your vision to life. During the in-home consultation, a technician will take precise measurements of each home window and/or patio door you plan to replace.

Before finalizing the order homeowners have an opportunity to look at samples, choose replacement window or patio door styles, colors, hardware and accessories for each new window or door and ask any questions. Once you’re satisfied with your decisions, your representative creates a manufacturing order and sends that to our expert craftsmen at the factory. They will then get started building your custom, high-performance, ENERGY STAR certified windows specifically for your unique home.

That covers the first steps on the replacement window journey. Next week, we’ll expand on the design phase, before moving on to what to do between placing your order and installation day.

Ready to Get Started?

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