It’s important to consider the landscaping outside your windows when planning your replacement window project, and it’s never too soon to start making plans.

Welcome back to the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Buying Journey series. Last wee, we talked about designing your new windows and how to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. This week, we’ll discuss your landscaping.

Three Weeks Before Replacement Window Installation Day . . .

It’s time to take a look at ways your replacement window choices may impact landscaping and outdoor living spaces, or vice versa: how your new windows will be impacted by your landscaping and outdoor living spaces.

Upgrading Without Making Major Stylistic Changes

People who decide to replace existing windows with the exact style, shape and size, don’t have to update plants, flowers and shrubs near their homes – unless they’re looking for ways to brighten the curb appeal or add some visual texture to entrances and garden areas as part of the renovation project.

However, if there are irreplaceable plants in proximity to windows destined for replacement, it is best to consider how work in the area may affect them. We do our best to protect everything, inside and out, from damage during the window installation process, but, an heirloom rose bush lovingly cared for over the years positioned near a picture window or slider where we have to work may need to be temporarily moved, or otherwise protected from construction debris.

At the very least, homeowners should talk to their replacement window representative about steps they can take to protect their special plants, and ensure workers are aware of their locations.

Tip: Consult with a master gardener or area nursery if you have any questions about the proper way to care for your plants during the installation process.

Installing New Replacement Window Styles and Configurations

People who decide to replace fixed windows with operable styles that open out – specifically casement and awning windows – should be thinking about how those choices impact outdoor landscaping during the weeks leading up to installation day.

One of the major benefits of installing casement windows is being able to open the fixture fully to direct natural breezes into the interior spaces of your home. Shrubs and tall flowering plants directly beneath or in front of windows can limit how far a crank-out window style opens.

On the other hand, people who replace a crank-out window with a slider or double-hung option that does not interfere with traffic patterns or outdoor plants, may be interested in adding window boxes or taller plant varieties to their flower beds.

At the time this article was written, it was cold; spring was still weeks in the future, however, it’s never too early to start planning. As you think about updating your landscape, be sure to consider growth patterns, seasonal changes and aesthetics.

Whether you decide to leave your plants in place, add new varieties or reseed certain areas, do your research. On the !nternet, you can find suggestions for every window style by typing “best replacement windows overlooking the garden,” or “best window box styles for replacement windows,” or something similar.

Tip: Homeowners may also want to visit their local nursery, check out online seed and plant catalog companies, get recommendations from friends, or consult landscaping professionals for advice.

Landscaping Complements Replacement Window Styles and Vice Versa

Imagining how your home will look throughout the seasons, can help you make wise landscaping decisions. Taking the time to create a plan ensures you think about whether you want to attract birds and butterflies to an area beyond a large picture window, create a colorful display beneath front-facing double-hung windows, or something entirely different, ensuring your home will look aesthetically pleasing and be fully-functional.

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