Have you ever seriously thought about what life would be like living on Long Island without modern windows? Most homes in our neighborhoods have a perfect view of the world through their window glass. You can crack a window to get a little fresh air, or open all your windows to flush out stale air after a long period of keeping them all closed to control the temperature. And, while replacement windows do come with patterned glass or opaque glazing, you don’t have to shield your view like our ancestors who had to live with old technology struggling with heavy glass that was barely functional and unaffordable.

Here’s a quick look at some ways today’s Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows help our friends and neighbors transform their view.

Up Your Weatherization Game with New Windows

In the 1600s in America, it was common to find oiled paper rather than glass in window frames. The paper was definitely better than nothing to block air and moisture, but light years away from what we have today with Energy Star certified glass options that boost insulation values and provide a crystal clear view of your world beyond your four walls.

Increase Your Viewing Area with New Windows

Crown glass certainly improved insulation values over oiled paper, but the view still left much to be desired. Imagine looking through a glass soda bottle bottom trying to figure out who was knocking on your door. These are the experiences our ancestors lived with every day – at least the ones who could afford crown glass windows.

Although crown glass allowed people to join several smaller panes to create a larger window, there was still no way to pour a large sheet of glass that was lightweight, clear and affordable. Today, we can create massive walls of glass, no soldering required. Mulling windows together is a personal preference more than a requirement today. We often join a smaller operable window with a larger fixed window, creating a larger viewing area with opportunities for ventilation and egress.

Create a Stunning Focal Point & Enhance Security

Technological advances and modern manufacturing techniques mean we can create beautiful replacement windows that solve the security problems seen with early marble and metal framed windows.

Ornamental windows provided an artistic touch to a home, but the intricate carving or ironwork was purely for show. These windows did little to block air, moisture, dust, debris or unwanted intruders from coming into a home. So, although they allowed an abundance of natural sunlight to flood indoor spaces, ornamental windows cannot compare to the beauty, functionality and security enhancement that comes with installing modern, energy efficient replacement windows as a stunning focal point.

Transform Your Home with High-Performance Beauty and Function

It is hard to imagine living in a home that doesn’t have modern windows. It took centuries for people to figure out how to manufacture clear, affordable glass, but since the 1950s we have learned how to modernize our homes with windows that improve energy-efficiency, make it easier to keep our homes clean, safe and comfortable and that provide a crystal clear view of the world beyond the glass.

Today’s home windows, including customized replacement window solutions, allow our friends and neighbors to transform their view and the appearance of their homes, too.

Start the Transformation with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows

In century’s past, only the wealthiest aristocrats could afford glass windows, and even the most expensive could not offer many benefits. Today, energy efficient home windows are affordable to every homeowner. If you are ready to transform you view, we can help. Just fill in the short form on this page or dial 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a private in-home consultation today.


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