Do you know all the different types of replacement windows out there for you to choose from when you decide to update your Long Island home’s windows? Bays, bows, casements, hoppers, single-hung, double-hung, the choices can be overwhelming. And, you have to consider not just the “style,” primarily defined by the way a window opens, but also the frame material, glazing type and accessories. To help you get a better understanding of the advantages associated with each replacement window style, this Renewal by Andersen of Long Island blog post will briefly describe a few of the most popular styles in our portfolio. 

double hung window long island1. Double-hung (and single-hung) Replacement Windows

One of the most popular windows styles for decades, double-hung windows work great where the overall unit is taller than wide. Both upper and lower sash move vertically to allow ventilation. Modern replacement window designs feature tilt-to-clean options that make it easier to clean both sides of the glass from indoors.

casement window long island2. Casement Windows for Capturing the Breeze

Like awning windows, casements open outward. Unlike other styles, casement windows have a side hinge, which means you can crank out the window fully to draw in more outdoor air, maximizing airflow. This style is the most energy efficient, operable window on the market – providing you choose ENERGY-STAR labeled glazing and performance rated framing materials like Fibrex. Casement windows are also a great option when architectural features dictate whether your hinges are on the left or right side of the window unit.

sliding window long island3. Sliding (Gliding) Windows and Patio Doors

We included gliding patio doors in this section because updating your patio doors is essential if you are installing replacement windows to improve energy-efficiency or eliminate drafts. If you’re going to update your patio doors, but prefer a swing-out or swing-in style, consider French-styled hinged patio doors. Low-profile sliders offer an expanded viewing area with horizontal movement. It’s possible to configure your sliding replacement windows so they open from the right, open from the left or open from both sides to sandwich a stationary central pane.

bow window long island4. Bay & Bow Configurations

Both styles give homeowners an opportunity to create a stunning focal point, and add a bit more moving room inside. If you’ve been looking for a way to add a window seat, a nook for reading the morning paper while enjoying a view of your garden or an alternative to replace a narrow balcony, bay and bow configurations may be just the style you’ve been looking for.

awning window long island5. Awnings and Hopper Replacement Windows Work Well in Tight Spaces

These two window styles both work very well where existing windows have more width than depth or are square. Each offers unique advantages. Awning windows, which open with a hinge at the top of the unit, crank or push outward, forming a self-umbrella that prevents water from dripping in when it a light rain is falling. Hoppers are hinged at the lower edge and pull or crank inward. While we don’t recommend opening hopper windows during a rain storm, one of the advantages of this style is that you have the flexibility to increase airflow, without worry about interfering with traffic patterns or furniture placement on patios and walkways.

specialty window long island6. Custom, Geometric and Unique Inoperable Window Styles

Sometimes, you need, or want, to add a touch of elegance or bring in more natural light, but you don’t need more circulation or egress points. In situations like these, Renewal by Andersen of Long Island specialty windows give you dozens of options. You can add a simple transom above an entry door or install a pair of “eyebrow” windows high on the wall to flank an impressive rock wall surrounding your firebox. Maybe you’d like to add a touch of whimsy with a full circle window under the eaves. We offer a full portfolio of custom shapes to help you create a unique curb appeal and capture natural lighting to enhance indoor decorating schemes.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Styles Offer Versatility & Performance

The six replacement styles mentioned in the article should give you an idea of just how versatile modern, energy-efficient windows are. Depending on where you install each window type, you can improve the view, increase circulation, bring in more natural light or simply update your decorating plan. Still have some questions about which replacement windows and patio doors are best for your home and your family? Take a couple of minutes to fill in the form on this page or give us a call at 1-877-313-9025 to schedule a private, one-on-one consultation with a window specialist.


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