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Long Island Replacement Windows & Argon GasThe technology used in Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement windows have dramatically improved the overall energy-efficiency, of your Long Island replacement windows. This means your new windows can help lower your heating and air conditioning bills and improve your overall indoor comfort. Did you know that there’s actually something in between the panes of your insulated glass windows? You can’t see it, but there’s actually an inert gas in there that helps improve the overall energy efficiency of your windows. This is just one improvement that has made your double-paned, insulated glass window panels more energy efficient.

Gas filling in conjunction with low-E coatings and other insulating features in today’s replacement windows help reduce issues of thermal transfer that single pane windows had in the past. There are numerous benefits for consumers who opt to upgrade their homes with high-quality, double pane windows with Argon gas filling today.

What is Argon?

Argon is a gas used to displace the air that is naturally between the panels in insulated replacement windows. It’s non-toxic and occurs naturally in the “air” that compromises the Earth’s atmosphere. In fact, Argon, a noble gas, is the third most common gas in the Earth’s atmosphere — twice as abundant as the next most common atmospheric gas, water vapor and is commonly used in incandescent and fluorescent lightbulbs. Because it is so abundant, this clear, odorless gas is also inexpensive. Because argon’s thermal conductivity is approximately 67% that of regular air (the kind we breathe every day), it is an excellent option that boosts energy-efficiency without escalating the cost of every window.

Krypton (no it doesn’t come from Superman’s home planet) is another gas that has many of the same characteristics as argon. It is actually more efficient than argon, but is significantly more expensive, so unless you live in extreme temperatures, it is not a cost-effective solution. Sometimes, manufacturers combine argon and krypton (as well as other gases) to improve performance while keeping the price more reasonable. We recommend argon-filled double-pane windows as a high-performance option that doesn’t come with a high price tag for homeowners.

What if the Gas Leaks Out?

Argon between the glass panes won’t lose its effectiveness as an insulator as long as the sealant remains stable and intact. It is possible that gas-filled windows will leak slowly over time, depending on when the window was originally built, weather patterns and the overall quality of the window unit as a whole. Some experts suggest as much as 1 percent per year can leak out depending on how much direct sunlight the windows receive, the altitude and extreme temperature variations. In spite of gradual leakage, the National Glass Association says high-quality windows will continue to perform “like new” for at least twenty years, even after losing 20% of the original fill.

Significant leaks caused by damage to the pane, sealant or other window components may render the thermal barrier ineffective because the gas can escape and airborne particulates will get inside the space between the panes. A failed sealant will result in condensation build-up, which you will notice as dust or fogging between the glass. If you ever see either of these conditions and you have recently installed double-pane windows recently, contact your window specialists to come inspect your windows for damage and assistance repairing or replacing your window units. Remember, argon is non-toxic so even a significant leak won’t pose any health hazards for you, your family or the environment.

How Does Argon Help Improve Energy-efficiency?

All of the components in an insulated glass unit (IGU) work together to enhance energy efficiency. The framing material should expand and contract at a rate similar to other building envelope materials to prevent gaps and sagging. Fibrex – which is what we use to construct our replacement window frames – has expansion and contraction rates similar to exterior materials such as brick and wood, so your windows will “move” in concert with the rest of your home during seasonal temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Argon improves energy efficiency by increasing the R value and reducing the U value of the overall window. Even small changes can impact efficiency dramatically, which can save you money on your utility bills. It is important to remember that even though gas between the glass improves heat transfer management, the gas doesn’t impact your view or control UV rays. This means you want to choose the most appropriate glazing option for each room depending on the home’s lot orientation, hours of direct sunlight each day and whether you want to reduce visible light or glare that can come in through your windows.

Argon-filled insulated replacement windows give you many advantages. You get a crystal clear view of the world beyond your glass, potentially reduce your monthly energy bills and live in a more comfortable home.

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