Looking for replacement windows for your Long Island home? Wondering what options are available in our area? If you only need to replace a single broken pane in the man-cave window above the garage, you may be thinking about visiting the local big box store to see if you can find a similar size and shape to drop into the existing frame. For a larger job, or one that requires replacing all of the windows facing the street, or you’re looking to totally transform the backyard and want to add an elegant entrance, you probably want some professional help. We realize our Long Island friends and neighbors all have unique homes and individual needs and preferences when it comes to updating their property. Of course, we hope after you do some due diligence comparing brands and home improvement suppliers and products that you choose Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, but here are a few possibilities for you to consider.

Solutions for Updating an Older Home on Long Island

Let’s say you have a home on Long Island that you want to modernize with Energy-Star certified replacement windows to eliminate drafty corners and reduce your heating and air conditioning bills. Older homes, like those built in the 1950s and 1960s, may still have single-pane windows that make it difficult to keep your home comfortable during the coldest and hottest times of the year. Replacing all of the existing windows in your home is definitely not a DIY project for most homeowners. For a project of this size and scope, you’ll probably want to hire a contractor, or work with a professional replacement window dealer like Renewal by Andersen of Long Island.

Unless you want to make large scale modifications to your home – add a new room, enlarge window openings or cut openings for windows where there aren’t any now – choosing a reputable replacement window dealer is preferable. Why? Because most jobs can be completed in one day. Custom-built windows are manufactured to perfectly fit the openings left when we remove your current windows, so there is no need for extensive reconstruction, which usually takes more time, and more money, to modify your home. With replacement window solutions, you don’t have to worry about living in the mess and noise construction crews generate over several days, weeks, or sometimes even months. And, it is easy to stage your renovation to accommodate your budget. You can do all windows at the same time, replace one side at a time, or renovate an upper floor now and do the lower level in a few months – every job is customized to fit your schedule and your budget.

Replacement Window Solutions for Historic Homes on Long Island

Unless you are considering updating one of the extravagant Gold Coast Era mansions on the Island, or you are updating a registered historic home, you are safe changing styles, colors and shapes during your renovation project. If you are fortunate enough to have an elegant Victorian or a stately colonial ranch built around the turn of the last century, you may want to go back with wood frame windows that match the original architectural features and form. Otherwise, custom-built modern replacement windows designed to closely mimic the original design are an excellent choice. With options like full divided light grilles that visually replicate the true divided glass windows built in the last century, you can enjoy both the look and feel of earlier eras and high-performance energy-efficient windows for today’s energy-conscious consumer. Plus, a full spectrum of colors and two grille widths give you the flexibility to give your home a new look, or simply refresh your existing appearance.

Try Before You Buy with Visual Tools

If you know you are ready for a change, but aren’t sure how much of a change you want, use the Renewal by Andersen Visualizer app to get an idea about how different window styles, and different accessories will look in your Long Island home. Using the app, you can check out different grille layouts, see how color impacts appearance and try on different styles to customize your home. Learn more about the 3D app, or download it now on your Android or iPhone.

Updating With Modern Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Windows is Easy!

Where you buy replacement windows for your Long Island home depends on why you need them. If you need help deciding whether to tackle a one-window job yourself, or if you should hire a renovation contractor or update with replacement windows, drop by our showroom and chat with a window consultant. Better yet, download the app and explore all the options available. When you know exactly what you want, or if you have questions, simply fill in the short form on this page to let us know when we can reach you by phone, or give us a call at 1-877-313-9052 to schedule an in-home visit.


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