To window grille, or not to grille, that is often the question for Long Island homeowners who want to update their existing home windows with modern replacement windows. Of course, we are talking about adding decorative grilles to your window units, and not referring to grilling steak for a family gathering, but this is a great time to do both! Late summer, before the first crisp days of fall arrive, is the perfect time to schedule a replacement window project.

Decorative Replacement Window Grille Benefits

Personal preferences and architectural style are the two most common drivers behind the decision to add grilles to replacement windows. Window grilles don’t negatively or positively impact energy efficiency or maintenance schedules. If you choose a window grille layout that includes removable interiors, you will need to remove the grilles before routine cleanings, otherwise, all maintenance and upkeep are the same with or without the optional feature. So, the best way to decide which grilles, if any, are best for your Long Island home is to think about your visual goals.

Three Basic Grill Types Create Three Unique Visual Effects

Grille type refers to the placement of grille components relative to the dual pane insulated glass construction. Layouts, discussed later, are sometimes called patterns, and add additional decorative appeal.

window grille types Long Island NY

Full Divided Light Grilles:

Closely mimic windows of yesteryear created with many, smaller, glass panes joined together with wood sashing strips. Featuring an aluminum spacer between the glass, patented Fibrex® composite exteriors and permanently attached interiors, full divided light grilles come in two widths (¾ inch and 1 1/8 inch). Homeowners may choose the width based on the overall size of the window – wider grilles for larger windows, for example – or choose a wider grille for a bolder statement on smaller replacement window units.

Between the Glass Grilles:

Factory finished aluminum grilles installed between the two panes of a double pane window are maintenance free and stay beautiful throughout the life cycle of your windows. No cleaning, no painting, no hassles. Available in many colors to match or contrast window frame and trim colors, and two widths (¾ and 1 inch) for design flexibility.

Interior Wood Grilles:

Some homeowners prefer interior wood grilles they can stain or paint them to match the existing trim and indoor decorating schemes. The hardwood strips snap into permanently affixed “holders,” making it easy to remove for cleaning or resurfacing. This option leaves a smooth, unadorned exterior that makes cleaning a breeze, nothing to remove – except the window screen on some window styles. Available in natural pine, maple or oak, and in two widths – ¾ inch and 1 1/8 inch.

Four Standard Grille Patterns Plus Custom Solutions for Your Long Island Home

window grille patterns Long Island, NYGrille styles – sometimes called layouts or patterns – provide opportunities to recreate the original home windows’ appearance, complement your home’s architecture or give your home’s appearance a totally different look and vibe. The patterns can be applied to the entire height and width of a window unit, or contained in each sash. Your preferences determine whether you outline the viewing area, create a unique visual focal point in the center or choose to add grilles to an upper sash and leave the lower portion unadorned.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Optional Replacement Window Grilles Add Visual Texture

Beautifully-crafted replacement windows with optional grilles can add a touch of visual texture that enhances the curb appeal of your Long Island home. If you have questions grille placement and patterns just fill in the short form on this page or dial 1-877-313-9052 to speak to a design specialist in your Long Island neighborhood today.

Check out this post for more information on window grids / window grilles.

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