When researching replacement windows for your Long Island home, you may have come across articles that suggest you try to find off-the-shelf windows to avoid paying premium prices for custom windows. While it is true that going to the home improvement store to purchase replacement windows for one or two windows may be a less expensive option for homeowners, replacing all the windows in your home with off-the-shelf standard windows is definitely not the best solution for everyone, or every situation.

Here’s what you need to know about standard sized windows compared to Renewal by Andersen custom replacement windows.

Which Replacement Windows Should You Buy if You Have Standard Sized Windows?

Before you decide which brand to buy, make sure you really have standard sized windows. Homes built more than 30 years ago may have windows that were built to fit the homeowner’s preferences and not based on window sizes available. To find out, you’ll need to measure your windows before checking availability.

Since double-hung windows are one of the most popular home window styles, we’ll use them as the basis of our discussion. Double-hung windows come in a wide range of standard sizes from 24” X 72” up to 48”X 72” depending on the brand. When you go to a big box store to look for replacement window options, you’ll notice that off-the-shelf sizes are usually seen as whole numbers – 36” X 36” or 44” X 44”. The actual size of the window, though is usually about a half inch smaller to allow installation ease.

If you’re replacing windows yourself, you’ll need to use shims or some other method to take up the extra space between your windows and the walls. Then, to prevent air and moisture gaps, you have to insulate and seal that space all around the window. If plan to hire a contractor, remember the cost of the window replacement will be higher, as your contractor will bill for the time it takes to remove your existing windows, install the new ones and make any necessary modifications to your interior and exterior walls.

Since Renewal by Andersen custom-built replacement windows are built to within 1/16th of an inch of your existing window opening, you’ll get a better fit, even if you have standard window sizes. And, you won’t have any additional construction costs beyond the price of the windows because we only allow carefully selected installation technicians to deliver and install your replacement windows. We’re so confident in our policy, we guarantee the installation – including parts and labor – for a full twenty-four months, which is twice as long as some of our competitors offer.

Custom-Built Replacement Windows vs Off-the-Shelf

Just because you can find an off-the-shelf replacement window that is close to the same size as your existing windows, that doesn’t necessarily mean standard windows are the best long-term solution. In addition to fitting your opening exactly, custom-built replacement windows offer design flexibility to customize color combinations, add exclusive hardware and take advantage of special configurations to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.

Before you make a final decision, browse our website and learn about the advantages of designing your own replacement windows rather than settling for an off-the-shelf version that doesn’t express your personality or reflect your home’s unique character.

Over-sized, Standard-sized or Extra Small, Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Has the Right Size Replacement Window Size For Your Home

No Matter What Window Size You Need, Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Has You Covered

Whether you are looking for over-sized picture windows to capture a stunning view, small casement windows that improve ventilation, or our popular double-hung replacement windows with easy-clean styling, we have home improvement solutions that meet or exceed all industry standards for energy-efficiency and durability. Before you settle for standard replacement windows, take a minute to fill in the short form on this page to request a brochure. Better yet, give our Long Island replacement specialists a call at 1-877-313-9052 and schedule an in-home consultation.


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