People planning to install replacement windows in a two-story house on Long Island often wonder if one style is better than another style. This Renewal by Andersen of Long post will answer some of the most common questions we hear about updating a multi-story home.

#1. Which Replacement Window Style is Best for Upkeep & Maintenance?

All styles in our replacement window portfolio are manufactured for easy care and low-maintenance, however, the most popular style for upper floors is probably the double-hung window. One reason is the tilt-to-clean design that allows you to clean both interior and exterior surfaces from inside your home. No ladders. No running back and forth. No hassles.

#2. Which Replacement Window is Best for Emergency Egress?

In an emergency, you want a window that opens easily, and one that allows ample space to crawl through when open. The casement window style opens fully, providing a wide area for emergency exit. One drawback is that you must crank the window open. When seconds matter, a slider or double-hung window may be a better choice, if safety is your primary concern. Of course, the window opening has to be large enough to get through, so size is an issue as well. A small casement or double hung may not fit the average adult through the open window. A large sliding window can also be a good option.

#3. Which Replacement Window is Best for Ventilation?

Casement windows are known for literally capturing the breeze, and are the top choice for homeowners when it comes to installing a window designed to circulate healthy air throughout your home. Casement windows also have the highest energy-efficiency rating of any operable replacement window. Be sure to consider tall trees with branches that grow close to your home, as well as cable and electric lines, and anything that may prevent the window from opening fully. And, remember that casement window insect screens are installed inside, so you’ll have to remove the screen before cleaning. (Although that task is simple, and only takes a moment or two.)

#4. Which Replacement Window is Best for Dormers?

Most people choose double-hung windows for dormers. They complement almost any architecture style, and look fantastic with or without optional grilles. Plus, you can lower the upper sash, and raise the lower sash for ventilation, which is often very important in upper floor rooms used for a nursery or toddler’s bedroom. The opening higher off the floor is typically out of reach for little ones, so there is not as much danger of a young child falling through a window while left unattended. Sliders and awnings work well in dormers, too.

#5. Which Replacement Window Style is Best for Under the Roof Line?

High-pitched roof lines provide opportunities to get a bit more creative. You’ll sometimes see geometric shaped replacement windows. Think, circles, half circles and diamond shapes that add some visual interest with a fixed window.

Deciding Which Replacement Window is Best for Every Room in Your Long Island Home

As you can see, each replacement window style offers its own advantages. In the end, the best replacement window for your upper floors depends on how you use a room, what you expect from your new windows and your overall aesthetic goals.

There is no single window style that is perfect for every two-story home. We would love to help you update your home with modern, Energy Star labeled replacement windows that add beauty and functionality to your Long Island home. To get started, simply fill in the short form on this page, or dial 1-877-313-9052 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a replacement window specialist.


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